Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Meeting 2016

March 9, 2016

St. Clare Convent
Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding

Introductions and Q&A

We opened the meeting with introductions and the question "What problem are you having that others may be able to help you with?".  This led us to a discussion around our tried and true methods of quilt basting.  While many of us baste on the floor many of our members said that in all of their years of quilting they had never once had to put their quilt on the floor.  The basting tips we came away with were:
  • Visit a community center or library and push some of their larger tables together to create a large surface.
  • If you have just one big table you can lay your quilt  on the table and starting from the top begin to stitch baste and scoot the quilt onto the table as you go.
  • Another method if you have just one table is to lower your ironing board to the same height as your table and use it to extend the width of your table.
  • Hang your quilt on the wall! You can use tape or tacks if you have cork on your walls.  (It was mentioned that you can see this done on Southern Charm Quilts)
We also had a short discussion about pet hair on quilts.  Many guild members reported success with the usual methods of lint rolling and such. Some members mentioned that different fabric manufacturers have different finishes on fabrics and to possibly try out several lines of fabric to find ones that seem to be so "magnetic" to pet hair.

Charity Update

We had a charity update from Ellen and she showed us 6 (!) quilts that were about to be sent away.  A total of 4 quilts were finished for the boys' home with two of them coming from Brooke.  Brooke shared that she intentionally included the anchor for the boys to be a symbol of permanence.

There were an additional 2 quilts for Ellen's Do Good Stitches group as well as an Olympic themed quilt from Carol.

Ellen shared that there were still several quilts that needed to be quilted if anyone was interested.  During our next meeting we are going to try something new and group stitch one of the quilts during the meeting.

Ladies Night

Abby has been hosting Ladies Night at the Barn in Mariemont. Ladies Night is the last Friday of the Month from 6-9.  There is a $10 fee to cover the cost of the room and you are welcome to bring wine and snacks if you please.


Last month's Sew-In at the Main Library downtown went well and we were all excited about the opportunities available in the Maker Space. 
Not only did they have the most amazing cutting table we had ever seen but but there is an opportunity to cut acrylic to your own specifications if you want to make your own rulers or templates.  We were also excited to learn that there is a professionally lit photo station.  We will make future plans to have a quilt photo day where we can all take beautifully lit, clear photos of our quilts!  Robin will be looking into setting up another Sew-In soon!

Quilt Guild Bee - block show and tell!

We are doing a Quilt Bee this year! Here's how it works: there are two bee hives. Each person in each hive gets a month. When it's your month, you show your block at the Guild Meeting, then the next month, your hive members bring completed blocks to you. You will probably get enough blocks to make an entire quilt top!  CLICK HERE FOR THE BEE INSTRUCTIONS!   

Amy T. and Amy G. received their bee blocks from their hives. 

Amy G's blocks were the Granny Square Blocks.

March Bee Blocks!

Abby requested Orange Peel Blocks for her hive (Hive 1). The instructions for her block can be found here.

Dorothy requested her "Black, White and Bright 57" blocks for her hive (Hive 2.) The instructions for her block can be found here. 

Show and Tell!

Theresa made this adorable Whale quilt.

Jeanie made a Sew Together Bag and used a HAMMER to help flatten out the seems.

Kerry K made a mini Sew Together Bag

Amy G made this mini valentine quilt to help her "loosen up" for the Modern Improv Challenge!  

She also made a Pixie basket from Fabric Mutt.

Rachel shared this amazing quilt which was only the THIRD thing she's ever sewn and only her second quilt!!!  It even has a label!  Way to go Rachel!

Janice brought a block for Ellen2's Bee quilt from last month.

Annie finished her quilt by quilting it with rainbow variegated thread.

S he also finally made something with circles she created from one of Brooke's past education segments.

    Finally, she had several wonky squares so instead of cutting them to match up she added irregular sashing to make them work!

Kay made a 241 Bag from Noodle Head but lengthened the strap to make it a cross-body bag.

Amy T made baby quilts and machine quilted them after she was inspired by Holly's free-motion quilting education segment a few months back!

  She called this quilt "Racing Stripes".

Jenny K had a request from her daughter-in-law  who picked out the colors for this silk-cotton quilt.


Deeper into Improv - check back soon!

Next Month
Bring a work in progress that you are stuck on if you have one and we will break into small groups to discuss.

Also, bring any orphan blocks you have that you would like to get rid of and we will do something special with them.

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