Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Modern: Challenge 2

Have you all read about the second challenge of Project Modern by The Modern Quilt Guild? The challenge this time is to design and make a quilt that is monochromatic. Using only tones, shades, and tints of one single color, the challenge to to create a quilt that creates life, interest, and energy. Sounds fun to me! 

This judge of this challeneg is Malka Dubrawsky of stitchindye.blogspot.com and author of the new book Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration

Here are the rules to the challenge:

- All quilts must be 45” x 45” or larger

- Limit of one submission per person, per challenge

- To enter your submission for Challenge 2 please email the following to projectmoderncontest@gmail.com.

1. Two photos of your quilt, a wide shot and a detail shot

2. A brief write up (one or two paragraphs is fine) explaining your quilt and how you took on the challenge

3. Your mailing address

4. Your blog address (if you have one)

5. Your flickr user name (if you have one)

- All entries for Challenge 2 must be received by March 31, 2011.

- The winners of Challenge 2 will be announced on or about April 15, 2011.

- US residents only are eligible for the prizes.

- The three winners of Challenge 2 will be selected by our Guest Judge, Malka Dubrawsky. At the judge’s discretion, members of The MQG Planning Committee may aid in selecting finalists. However, no person involved in the judging process will know the identity of contest entrants. Each winner will receive an identical prize package.

- Project Modern will be conducted on and through The MQG’s website. The details of each challenge, and the winners will be announced on the blog.

- All Challenge 2  submissions will be posted in a public Flickr group after April 15th, 2011 .  

You can also read the entire official rules of the challenge here.

Each winner will receive a copy of Malka's new book, as well as a Kona Cotton Bounty of Basics kit from Robert Kaufman. Swoon!

I hope all of you enter the challenge and I cannot wait to see what the group comes up with!

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Meeting Recap

Hello all! 

Well, despite the snow, sleet, and general freezing temperatures here in Cincinnati, we met for our January meeting and had a great time!

A big welcome to new member, Shiree! We're so glad you came! Hope to see you next month!

Heather kicked off the meeting by going over the new agenda for our monthly meetings (so keep on reading if you couldn't make it to the January meeting!). Each meeting will run from 7:00 to 9:00, beginning with introductions of new members, guild business, upcoming events, etc. Next, we'll do our swap, followed by Show & Tell (including our swapped items), and ending with some good ole' socializing! 

In the next year, we have tentatively planned four sew-ins, some of which will begin with technique demos or short classes. This schedule, as well as the Swap schedule for the year, will be posted in the near future both on facebook and on the blog, so get those dates on your calendar!

DUES: We will be collecting dues beginning in February for all current members. Dues will be $25/person for the year (February 2011-February 2012). If you are haven't been to a meeting yet and are considering joining, feel free to attend two meeting before paying dues. We will pro-rate your dues fee depending on the month you join. 

JUNIOR MEMBERS: If you know of any young women (ages 18-20) who are interested in attending guild meetings, we encourage them to attend. Their dues fee will be $15/person for the year.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Loretta has done a lot of research in ways we in the quilting community can give back. There are several avenues in the Cincinnati area for use to get involved, including Project Linus, Quilts for Kids, and Quilting for Valor. If you would like to become involved individually with any of these groups, please let us know through  info@carpet-cleaners.info, and we'll pass your information along to Loretta. As we learn more, we will be setting up some group community service projects for the entire guild to participate in, so keep watching for that.

PROGRAMS: Victoria is looking for great demo ideas! If you have a great technique or pattern that you would like to teach the guild at one of our sew-ins this year, or if there's something you would really like to learn, email us at:  info@carpet-cleaners.info, and we'll pass the info along to Victoria.

BLOG: Heather and I will be emailing out a questionnaire to guild members on our email list so we can feature you on the blog in the upcoming year! If you'd like to participate, fill out the questions and email the form to  info@carpet-cleaners.info. We will want to meet up with you to take some pictures of you and your favorite quilts/projects, too!  woohoo - fame!  ;)

SWAPS: As I mentioned earlier, Amy and I have created a schedule for swaps for the rest of the year. This will be posted soon both on Facebook and on this blog. This month, we all swapped mugrugs, inspired by our partner's favorite mug. Totally fun - check out the photos below! NEXT MONTH we'll be swapping a small, Valentine's Day inspired project. It can be anything—potholder, mugrug, doll quilt, pin cushion, anything! Have fun!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to two of our members! 

First, a big congrats to Janie who won an Aurifil Christmas challenge by turning spools of white thread into super cute snowmen. She was handsomely rewarded for her win with a box full of delicious thread. I'm not gonna' lie, I'm extremely jealous........

Secondly, A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our CMQG President, Heather! She was one of the three winners of the 1st Modern Quilt Guild Challenge!!!!!!!!!!  We got to see Heather's "Yield" quilt in person, and it's truly even better in person that it is on screen. The back is awesome, too! Congrats again, Heather - we're all very proud of you! Check out Heather's blog for more details on her "Yield" quilt at Olive & Ollie.

Yield Quilt front
Yield Quilt back

Speaking of the Modern Quilt Guild Challenges, the second one is up! Go to  http://themodernquiltguild.com/  for more information.

SHOW AND TELL: Last but not least, we had a great Show & Tell! Check it out:


Made for me (Kelly) by Amy

Made for Danielle by Katie

(Left) Made for Loretta by Danielle; (Right) Made for Christy by Janie)
Made for Jill by me (Kelly)

Made for Katie by Sue

Made for Heather by Loretta

Made for Sue by Christy

(Left) Made for Jillian by Kara; (Right) Made for Janie by Heather

(Left) Made for Amy by Jill; (Right) Made for Holly by Jillian

Made for Barb by Holly
This very pretty quilt was made by Heather for her daughter. Don't you love the ruffled edge!?!??!?!?

This gorgeous batik star quilt was a UFO that Holly recently finished up. It's absolutely stunning!

This bright, fun pinwheel quilt was made by Christy. I love looking at all the different prints!

Thanks to all who attended! Our next meeting will be on February 9th from 7:00pm–9:00pm. If you would like to attend for the first time, please email  info@carpet-cleaners.info  for directions. If you currently are a member, we will be collecting dues at the February meeting. Hope to see you all there!

 - - - Kelly

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Novemer Meeting (also titled: Better Late Than Never)

Hello again! 

In a truly grand and impressive fashion, I put off writing this blog entry until a new year had been rung in. But, better late than never, so enjoy the photos and tales from our November meeting!

Here we all are enjoying a sensible glass of wine and homemade soft pretzel.
Quilting, food and wine. Things could be worse.

WELCOME to two new members, Meghan and Loretta! It's so nice to keep having new faces at our meetings!

Hi Meghan!
Hi Loretta!

QUOTE OF THE MONTH is attributed to Amy T. who said, "Right now I'm making a lot of baby quilts because people keep pro-creating."  (I hear ya', Amy.)

WOOHOO! Cincinnati has a new fabric/quilt shop opening in February—Sewn Studio! Keep a look out on their website for more info, but we know they're going to be selling lots of modern fabrics and patterns!  YAY! (I may need a second job....)

THANK YOU to Andie for organizing the December sew-in and the December dinner meeting! Both sounded like great successes! Also, thank you to Heather for giving us a re-cap of Fall Quilt Market! Everyone enjoyed hearing about her experiences and looking through all of the great pamphlets and fliers she collected!

CHECK OUT these blogs and sites that were mentioned during the meeting:

The Cottage Home (by the Cottage Mama)

LEADERS: We decided to ask for volunteers to head up various areas of running and organizing the guild so that no one person felt either left out or overburdened. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to head up one of these areas!

Reminder: Please run any ideas by the officers before committing the guild to anything.

Treasurer (newly appointed): Danielle
Blogging: Kelly and Heather
Program Line-up: Victoria
Retreats and Sew-Ins: Andie, Christy and Sue
Membership: Holly and Lynn
Community Service: Loretta
Refreshment Organizer: Kara and Lynn
Meeting Spaces: Sue
Publicity/Shows: Andie
Swaps: Kelly and Amy

SWAP:  Since the holidays were upon us already at the November meeting, we decided to swap next at the January meeting, and we'll be swapping Mug Rugs (essentially little place mats to use for a mug and a snack). Each member who wanted to participate brought in her favorite mug to inspire the person creating her mug rug! Almost everyone at the November meeting is participating, so it'll be very exciting to see all the finished mini-quilts. (Note: If you can't attend the January meeting but pulled someone's name for the swap, please get your quilt to one of the other members prior to the January meeting so we can deliver your creation for you!)

There aren't a lot of guidelines on this one, ladies—no strict size, color or pattern guidelines. Just look online and you'll find lots of tutorials. Have fun, and use your person's mug for creative inspiration! Here's one for you from The Curious Quilter: Mug Rug Tutorial.

FUTURE SWAPS: Amy and I will be putting together a list of upcoming swap for 2011. If you have something you'd really like to see on that list, let me know by leaving a message on this blog entry or on the facebook page before the January meeting.

SHOW AND TELL : As always, we had a great show and tell! Thank you to everyone who participated! I can't wait to see what you'll have to show us in January!