Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hive One March Bee Block Instructions

For Hive ONE you'll be making Orange Peel blocks for Abby!

  • 4 - 5" blocks (white on white, grey on white, cream on white). All different or the same.
  • 4 orange peels using template or orange fabric - any shade or saturation of orange; the scrappier the better.
  • 4 orange peels using template of lightweight fusible webbing

Here is the Orange Peel template:


1. Sew blocks together using 1/4" seam allowance
2. Sew right side of orange peel to "sticky" side of fusible webbing using 1/8" to less than 1/8"
3. Trim points
4. Cut "X" in webbing and turn right side out (sticky side will now be on the bottom with right side of orange fabric facing up.
5. Poke out corners
6. Press peels onto blocks so points touch in the middle.
7. Applique/blanket/zigzag stitch peels to block **this step is completely optional**
8. Please do not trim block

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