Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Bee Blocks- Hives 1 & 2

CMQG Bee Blocks
Hives 1 & 2 

Hello to all of the crafty worker bees out there creating blocks for Hives 1 & 2! We hope you are enjoying your hives so far, and the chance to create unique, fun, out of the box blocks! 

Please see below for instructions for April blocks for Hives 1 & 2. Please feel free to contact the recipients, or a guild officer for more information! 

Hive 1

Tara has requested a mix of paper pieced tea cup and coffee cup blocks for April! She gave members of Hive 1 a copy of the paper pieces and instructions.

Tara gave a piece of teal fabric that she plans to use for sashing, so fabrics should somewhat coordinate, or not clash, with this fabric. She likes all colors, but isn't a fan of brown! You can make two blocks, a mix of tea cups and coffee cups or two of the same block!

If you need a copy of the paper pieces or the instructions, please feel free to contact Tara or one of the members of Hive 1.

Hive 2 

Dorothy shared a pattern that uses 3 shades of one color, such as 3 different shades of red as seen in the picture below. In all blocks there will be a consistent shade of grey which Dorothy has provided. You can place the grey wherever you want in the block as long as it's used and you don't mix different colors within a block.

Dorothy trimmed down the block to be 10'' square. 

If you have any questions about the blocks for Hive 2, please feel free to contact Dorothy or a member of Hive 2. 

See you next month for May's bee block instructions! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 2017 Meeting

April 12, 2017  
The Barn in Mariemont
President Abby Graham presiding

Happy April everyone! Flowers are blooming, birds chirping and quilters quilting!

Thank you for all who contributed pouches, patterns/books or their time to the Quilter's Day Out event that our guild attended on March 18, 2017. It helped spread the word about our awesome and talented guild. We managed to raise a bit of money for potential speakers and workshops!

Guild News

Leftover zipper pouches from the Quilter's Day Out event will be sold at guild meetings, or on Instagram under a destash hashtag. We plan to continue to sell the remaining pouches in hopes of raising more money for our guild! If you have any fundraising suggestions, please feel free to reach out to our president Abby, or any current guild officers.

Swap Update!

We had seven members participate in the fun pin cushion swap. Members brought their pin cushions and placed them in a bag so that the recipient and maker were kept secret. Everyone loved their new cushions! Thank you to our Swap Committee for their hard work.

Don’t forget to participate in next month’s swap! Please bring two fat quarters bundled together and concealed. They can be any designer or color, but be sure to bring quilt store quality fabric! You must give and receive two fat quarters in order to participate. This is a fun way to broaden your stash horizons!

Charity Update

The Charity Committee has been hard at work deciding what direction to take both QuiltCon charity quilts. Last year’s QuiltCon quilt will be donated to the charity Women Helping Women as a silent auction item to raise money. This charity helps women survive domestic abuse. Our second QuiltCon charity quilt will be donated in Brooke’s name and given to a cancer fundraiser. We hope to raise money for this cause in Brooke’s honor.

Next month guild members will be donating pillow cases for a boy’s home in Northern Kentucky. Boys ages 8-18 will be receiving the pillow cases. We ask that you make all pillow cases using the hotdog pillow case method, making them all uniform. You can use any age appropriate fabric! Click the link below for a hotdog pillowcase tutorial.

If you have any charity suggestions, please feel free to contact a guild officer!

Quilting Bee Hive 1

Natalie received grey scale arrow blocks for March. She plans to incorporate a bright colored block surrounded by grey blocks.

Tara requests paper pieced tea cups and coffee cups for April. She gave copies of the paper piece patterns along with instructions. For more information, please see our next blog, April Bee Blocks- Hives 1 & 2.

Quilting Bee Hive 2

Ginny was very impressed by the creativity shown on her bee blocks! Everyone came up with a  unique block using a piece of matching fabric that she provided.

Dorothy presented her bee block example at the meeting. She provided a piece of grey fabric for Hive 2 to incorporate into their blocks. All blocks will be uniform with a specific pattern, but with different  solid colors. Please see our next blog, April Bee Blocks-Hives 1 & 2 for more details!

Show and Tell:

Kay brought a springtime quilt

Holly brought a quilt she just completed with a fun longarm pattern

Holly made this table runner using leftover heart blocks for Pulse

Nice work Christine! You have completed your Hive 1 bee blocks quilt top!

Janine brought a gorgeous, bright cathedral window quilt

She also brought a scrappy quilt she plans to gift

This is her second quilt, completed! (grey background) As well as a baby quilt

Dana wowed with a new noodlehead caravan tote. She customized it with pockets.

Dana has been hard at work completing her cogs quilt top and has it basted and ready for hand quilting.

Carrye brought her sister’s English paper pieced quilt in lovely pastels.


Dana put together three fantastic live paper piecing tutorials for our April guild meeting. Each session was 20 minutes and members were able to attend two of three sessions. You had the choice between machine paper piecing, hand piecing with a running stitch and English paper piecing.

Check out the photos from our live sessions below! For more information about this education segment, please feel free to check out the upcoming blog, Mastering Paper Piecing.

Stay tuned for more blog posts. Upcoming posts include information about Hives 1 & 2, as well as our April education. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our April meeting and look forward to seeing you next month on May10!