Austin Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Has your carpet seen better days? If so, you need to get it cleaned and you probably want to get it done quickly. You have a couple of different options when it comes to Austin carpet cleaning and many different ways to go about them. First, you have professional carpet cleaning. This is the easiest and of course the most expensive way to get it done. You also have Do It Yourself carpet cleaning if you have more muscle than money. Let’s take a look at both options, starting with professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Austin Carpet Cleaning

There is no shortage of carpet cleaners in Austin. A quick search online will reveal dozens if not hundreds of carpet cleaners ready to take your money and of course ready to tell you anything to get work. This leads to the obvious problem of who should you choose and what method should you pick. Every cleaner will tell you they are the best and that their method will save your carpet and that the other method out there will ruin your carpet. How is a consumer to choose? Well, I can help. I am a former professional carpet cleaner and I have no horse in this race. I will tell you like it is. Every method out there can get your carpet cleaner but not they all tradeoffs that you must consider.

Steam Cleaning

This is by far the most popular method and you will find that most Austin carpet cleaners use it. Why do most cleaners use it? Most will tell you because it cleans better or that it is recommended by the carpet manufacturer, which is probably true, but the real reason that carpet cleaners choose this method is speed. A truck mounted steam cleaning system is faster than other methods. It can allow the average carpet cleaner to knock out 6 to 10 jobs in a single day.

This is not saying that it is not a great method however. The fact is that most carpet makers recommend steam cleaning or Hot Water Extraction. They do so because it has the ability to remove more soil and it is easier on the carpet. You can not dispute the fact that flushing 50 gallons through your carpet can remove more soil than that dry cleaning method that uses one gallon. In addition, because there is no aggressive agitation required, the carpet fibers are safer from problems like tip bloom.

The downside to steam cleaning is that it will take time for it to dry. Some carpets might take as much as 12 hours to dry, even when the method is performed perfectly. So, if you have to get your carpet back to use immediately, this method might not be for you. If, however, you want to get your carpet as clean as possible and can afford the downtime, I highly recommend this method of cleaning.

Local Austin Steam Cleaners
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  • K&M Steam Cleaning
    (512) 836-8900
  • Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning
  • The Steam Team
    (512) 451-8326
  • Deep Eddy Rug & Carpet Cleaner
    (512) 452-9916

Dry Carpet Cleaning

I am going to throw a bunch of different methods into this category, fair or not, they are all similar. They use limited amounts of moisture coupled with agitation to get the job done. The most common ones are dry powder carpet cleaning, encapsulation carpet cleaning and bonnet cleaning.

Dry powder carpet cleaning uses a semi moist powder that is applied to the carpet and then agitated with a counter rotating brush machine to absorb soil. It is then vacuumed out of the carpet which then only takes a few minutes to dry. Encapsulation cleaning uses a crystalizing chemical that is applied to the carpet, agitated and then allowed to dry. The cleaner crystalizes, trapping the soil and is later vacuumed from the carpet. It will dry in under one hour. Finally, bonnet cleaning uses a cleaner that is applied to the carpet and then extracted with cotton or synthetic bonnets on a floor machine. This method also has a dry time of less than one hour in most cases.

The good part about dry cleaning is that it will allow you to get right back to life on your carpet. If you have an all hour business, this might be the thing for you. The downside is that the ability to remove soil is limited. You will have to clean your carpet more often, before it develops too high of a soil load and do not think of using dry cleaning with pet stains, not a good idea.

Local Austin Dry Carpet Cleaners
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  • Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning

DIY Austin Carpet Cleaning

Got more time or muscle than money? Feel like the only way to do something right is to do it yourself? Maybe Do It Yourself carpet cleaning is right for you then. You have three basic methods to choose from here. You can rent a steam cleaner(hot water extractor) from the grocery store, you can buy a home steam cleaner or you can rent a dry powder carpet cleaning machine from a vacuum supply store.

HWE (Hot Water Extraction) Rentals

Available from just about every home improvement or grocery store, you have probably seen one of these machines. The biggest name in the business is Rug Doctor. Before you use one of these machines in your home, I recommend that you add the cost of the machine, the cleaning supplies and the cost of your time together. Then compare it to the cost of professional carpet cleaning. If the price difference is slim, you should always choose a professional, they will just do a better job. It is hard to compare what a $1000 rental machine can do versus a $20,000 truck-mounted steam cleaning machine.

Still want to do it yourself? Roll down to any supermarket or home improvement store and pick one up.

Local Austin HWE Rentals

  • Any Home Improvement Store
  • Any Grocery Store

Home Steam Cleaners

Want to clean your carpet yourself whenever you want? Then you need to look into a home steam cleaner. You can get a decent machine starting at around $200. Don’t expect a deep deep clean with one of these machines but if you clean your carpet often you should be able to maintain it sufficiently. Because of the limited soil removal ability of these machines, you should clean your carpet at least once a month to keep up with the soil.

Local Austin Home Carpet Cleaners

Dry Powder Carpet Cleaner Rental

You may have never heard of a rental dry cleaning machine but they are out there, jut not at home improvement stores. The place to find them is vacuum repair shops, not all of them, but many. This machine, made by Host,  uses a semi moist powder that you spread on the carpet, agitate and then vacuum out. You will need to rent the machine, a box of the powder and some pre-clean spray.

Local Austin Dry Carpet Cleaning Rentals.
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  • Long’s Vacuum & Appliance
    (512) 442-5562