Friday, March 4, 2016

February Meeting 2016

February 10, 2016
St. Clare Convent
Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding


Guild d ues are $40 per year for each member. With that money, we pay the national guild and fund projects in our guild. Please pay your dues ASAP.

Sew-In Update

We held our first sew-in of the year on February 20 at the Maker Space in the Main Library downtown.

Quilt Guild Bee

We are doing a Quilt Bee this year! Here's how it works: there are two bee hives. Each person in each hive gets a month. When it's your month, you show your block at the Guild Meeting, then the next month, your hive members bring completed blocks to you. You will probably get enough blocks to make an entire quilt top! CLICK HERE FOR THE BEE INSTRUCTIONS!  

Hive ONE members brought back blocks for Janine: 


All of Janine's blocks laid out.

Hive TWO members brought back blocks for Ellen B.:

All of Ellen B's blocks laid out.

February Bee Blocks!

Amy G. requested a granny square block. The instructions for her block can be found here.  

Amy T. requested a spinning star block. The instructions for her block can be found here.

Show and Tell:

Dana made this quilt from fabric that was gifted to her. (sorry the photo is sideways!) 

Gillian made this baby quilt ...

And also this baby quilt ... 

And she made this one too - she pieced rectangles, which she said she's probably never do again because it was quite difficult. But it's worth it - beautiful quilt! 

Shonna made this cute baby quilt for a fundraiser at her school. 

Yolanda made this scrappy quilt ... 

And also she has a good start on this hexagon quilt! 

Teresa made this modified Ohio star baby quilt, she got the pattern out of the Modern Patchwork Magazine. She used fabrics from her stash.

Abby showed off this stunner - one of the completed Quilts of Comfort that was made from donated blocks! Abby's sister Annie gathered Raspberry Kiss quilt blocks  to make a Quilt for Comfort for the widow of a local firefighter. The blocks are to be made with jewel tone centers and low volume - make a 9 inch block that will finish at 8.5 inches. 

Improv Challenge:

Dana announced the IMPROV CHALLENGE! Each participant picked a Kona color and the challenge is to push yourself in a new way - make something using your color. 
(If you did not attend the February meeting, but still want to participate, email and she will draw a color for you and bring it to the March meeting.) 

If you've never done improv before - that's going to be easy for you! If you have done a lot of improv, try to experiment with a new technique.

There are many excellent descriptions of improv - you could take one of Heather's online classes that she talked about at the meeting last month , or follow in the footsteps of one of the amazing quilters mentioned in this Modern Quilt Guild write-up on improv.

Participants have to incorporate their Kona color into their design in some way. You don't have to use Kona fabric or even a solid - you can incorporate the color in any way you like - but to be eligible for prizes you must use your color in some way!

Ok, here are the rules:

1. In order to compete, your project has to be completed by our May Meeting. That means quilted and bound (if it's a quilt). If it's not finished - still bring it! It just won't be eligible for prizes.

2. Your item doesn't have to be a quilt (it could be a bag, a garment, a Kleenex box holder etc.), but it does have to be made with fabric, incorporate improv techniques and use your random Kona color in some way.

3. There will be three categories for prizes: Best use of Improv, Viewer's Choice, and one lucky winner chosen at random from the finished projects. Robert Kaufman is donating some prizes!

4. In order to make voting fair, please avoid revealing pictures of your progress on social media! Please bring your top secret project in a bag to the May with your Kona color! The guild leadership will set up the show with numbers for each project for voting purposes.

5. After our winners our revealed, we will have a brief show and tell where you can share about your challenge project.


Dana showed the Guild how to Hand Quilt. She offered lots of tips and useful information. 

Practicing stitches
 Dana wrote a blog post about Hand Quilting - and she included a super informative handout - check it out here.

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