Friday, July 26, 2013

July 2013 Meeting

CMQG Meeting
July 10, 2013
Centennial Barn

Current Business

Shop Hop
Kara confirmed who is coming to the Shop Hop, this Saturday, July 13. We’ll meet at Sewn Studio at 10:00 a.m., then travel to Lavender Street in Montgomery, and finally to Fabric Shack in Waynesville. Update: The Shop Hop was so much fun! Huge thanks to Kara for putting this together and for scoring us the great deals at all the fabric shops!

Sew Original Quilt Expo in Louisville
August 30–September 1 is the Louisville quilt expo. Heather will be working out a schedule to man our booth at the expo, so please keep this in mind if you are coming. Heather will also let us know about the sleeve requirements and any contracts we need to fill out. Please bring your quilts to the August meeting. We will take the quilts to Louisville and hang them up and bring them back, which will help keep our expenses down. 

Charity: Quilts of Valor & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Andie has a meeting coming up for the Children’s Hospital project and will have more information on this afterward. We also have two projects with Quilts of Valor that we can contribute to. The first is QOV’s 10th anniversary project. Members can make blocks according to their guidelines (these will be signature blocks with your first name and state) and send them in to QOV before November.  

The second QOV project is a quilt top from the CMQG! We would like to have 25 or more star blocks from our guild. These should be signed with your first name only, not state since it’s from the CMQG. Blocks should be 8.5" square minimum to 16" square maximum. More details can be found on the CMQG Charity Quilt Projects blog post. Please bring your star blocks to the September guild meeting.

Ohio Star Project
Christine updated us on the Ohio Star project. We are still working on a contract. It is on hold for now. So everything is pending for this project. Update: This project has been canceled—a disappointment to all, but keep those patterns in mind to publish another way. Special thanks to all the members who were so willing to do this to help promote the guild.

Happy Hour
Teresa and Ellen went to June’s happy hour and had a great time! Next Happy Hour is July 27 at Cock and Bull in Glendale at 8:30 p.m.

Next Year’s IQF
This is very preliminary. We have been informally invited to have another show at next year’s IQF in Cincinnati in April. Even though the show is in April, our quilts are due in December or January, so we do need some time to prepare. We have a poll on the website that we can vote on, but keep in mind that anything we propose needs to be approved by IQF. Update: The poll is now closed, and the winner was Flying Geese!

Modern Quilt Guild
National membership opens July 17. With the 31 Totes fundraiser, we raised $170!! Thank you, Kayla! We are not quite ready to join because we have some organizational paperwork to complete, but this is in the works and we will join ASAP.

New Business

Cincinnati Museum Center Community Quilt
We have been asked by the Cincinnati Museum Center to make a community quilt for the city. It will be on display at the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Underground Railroad Freedom Center. These will be huge displays and events that many, many people will see, not only residents of Cincinnati and the tri-state area but also people who travel here to see them. People will be making 9" (unfinished) blocks with their Cincinnati memories on them. Blocks must be on white cotton fabric, and we will have a special sew-in at the Museum Center to put them all together. This is tentatively scheduled for November 9 (but we hope the date moves because it’s the same weekend as the 1st Annual #OHcraft Sew-In). In January we will tie the quilts. The squares are due October 19. They are hoping for two large quilts–they will be very large.

Amy announced next month's challenge: fabric boxes! More details will be posted on our blog about the challenge, but it’s simple: Make a box out of fabric.

For the scrap bag swap, members brought bags of scraps, which were combined and mixed together, and then redistributed back to members.

Show and Tell

Kara showed a beautiful lap-size quilt she made with Amy Butler’s Cameo collection.

Gillian showed her Tula Pink Nightshade quilt that Jill just finished quilting with freehand spiderwebs.

And a quilt she made using a Camille Roskelley pattern. This is for her grandmother, who is turning 90 in September.

Barb brought a quilt that she made last year for Charlie. It was his day care blanket, and she sewed binkie straps onto two sides. Awwww…So sweet!

Carol brought a quilt that Janine quilted for her. All the circles are appliqué. All the squares are in strips. This is for her queen-size guest room bed.

Janine and Kathy made twin quilts with Faith Jones’s Up and Up pattern.

Janine also brought her quilt made from her Kewpie blocks. That quilting is just beautiful!

Amanda brought a prairie point quilt that was her first free-motion quilting project.

Amy brought an Ohio Star baby quilt.

And a cute Plus-sign baby quilt.

Christine brought her elephant placemats that she made for her husband. She and her hubby foster two elephants in Africa, and their names are on the back of the placemats.

Our guest brought a quilt she made after a 23-year break from sewing. She made a doll quilt that is an exact match to the baby quilt she made. After that, she crocheted a baby blanket, and then made a doll to go with it.

Brenda made a lap-size or wheelchair-size quilt from scraps. 

ETA: Brenda, I'm so sorry the photo is cropped so much. I'm having issues with my computer and I don't know how that happened! Heather

Cass shared some Crystal Light containers that are perfect for storing scissors and other notions.


Cathedral Windows with Janine
Janine took a class on making Cathedral Windows. She has been working on her Crazy Cathedral Quilt for 8 years. ARDCO makes some templates, and Janine used their Cathedral Windows template set for this. Start with three 8.5" squares of fabric: the front, the back, and muslin for the middle. 

Both the front and the back fabrics will show on the front of the quilt, so they should be fabrics you like and that coordinate. Lay the three squares together, with the muslin first, then the back fabric right side up, then the front fabric with the wrong side faceup (so the back and front fabrics are right sides together). Place the circle template on the fabric layers, draw the circle, and then sew the three fabrics together on the marked line. Cut the seam allowance really close to the sewn line with pinking shears. Then carefully cut a small slit in the back fabric and turn the circle right side out. The slit should be an inch or two away from the seam, so that it won’t show when the circle edges are folded over later. The template set comes with a square template that you then use to fold the circle edges over the square template to press your fold lines. With your folds pressed, sew two folded circles together on a single fold line, matching the folds. Then sew the circular edges down. Some people hand sew these down, and others machine sew using a fancy stitch or thread.

Next month Holly will present on free-motion quilting. Remember her amazing Dresden quilt?

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, August 14, at the Centennial Barn. See you then!

Monday, July 15, 2013

CMQG Charity Quilt Projects

Hi, all! As promised, here is some additional information on charity quilts that the guild will participate in, as discussed at our meeting last week. Member Andie Johnson wanted me to pass this information along to you. You've got a couple of choices on ways to participate, or you can do both if you'd like!

Members can make the Quilts of Valor 10th Anniversary Block. The directions for the block can be found by clicking this link, which also lists the address where the completed blocks need to be sent. The blocks need to be received by November, 2013.

We'll also be making a CMQG quilt top made from blocks we collect at the September meeting. We need at least 25 of the following blocks: a star block of the quilter's choosing, made out of dark blue/navy, white or cream, and red fabrics that measures at least 8 1/2" square, and no larger than 16" square. It can be any star block, but we ask that they be made with modern fabrics, civil war fabrics, or a mixture of both. (No novelty prints, please.)

Here are some tutorials for star blocks:

July Star
Liberated/Wonky Star:
Cathedral Star
Ribbon Star
String Pieced Star
Star Flower Block
Solstice Star Series (5 tutorials)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CMQG Shop Hop -- this Saturday!!

Here's a quick reminder from Kara about our Shop Hop this Saturday, July 13. Thanks again, Kara, for organizing this!!

Hello, friends! I wanted to pop in and give an update on the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild's shop hop that is scheduled for this Saturday, July 13.

We currently have 17 folks signed up with room for 4 more. If you haven't signed up and would like to be one of those 4 lucky ones, let me know ASAP! Either leave a comment on this post or email me directly at meandelnaATgmailDOTcom.

Now, time for the details! :) We will meet at Sewn Studio, located at 3212 Madison Road in Oakley, at 10:00am on Saturday- please park in the large parking lot behind Sewn, but not the teeny one! We'll discuss details at the MQG meeting tomorrow night. Julie, the owner of Sewn, has graciously offered to give all CMQ shop hoppers 20% off their total purchase at Sewn that day! Thank you so much for your generosity, Julie!!!:)

After meeting at Sewn, our schedule on Saturday will progress as follows:
  • Sewn Studio shopping goodness: 10:00am- 10:45am
  • Travel to Lavender Street, located at 9405 Montgomery Road: 10:45am-11:00am
  • Lavender Street shopping extravaganza: 11:00am-11:45am
  • Travel to Waynesville, Ohio: 11:45am-12:30pm
  • Lunch at The Hammel House in Waynesville: 1:00pm
  • Fabric Shack shopping madness (located at 99 South Marvin Lane): 2:15pm- 3:15pm
  • Travel to Oakley: 3:15pm- 4:00pm
  • Head to our casas: 4:00pm
Cost for this day of fun is $10.00 which includes transportation to all shops. Lunch is not included in this cost so please make sure you bring enough for all of your yummy fabric purchases AND yummy food at The Hammel House! :) Money is due to me tomorrow, at the MQG meeting.

I can't wait to shop hop with y'all this Saturday! :)

xo, Kara

Calling All Members- Voting Time!

There's a new poll up over there on the right that will only be there for the next week. So if you are a member, we need you to pick your favorite!

Remember, think in terms of which one of these basic styles you would like to make a modern version of- you can get as creative and different as you want!

Flying Geese

Churn Dash

Quilt by Blue is Bleu

Log Cabin

Medallion Style

Quilt from Quilting Modern book

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 2013 meeting

CMQG Meeting
June 12, 2013
Centennial Barn

Current Business

River City Quilt Show
River City Quilt Guild’s Spring Show starts tomorrow (June 13) and continues through June 15. Contact Cass ASAP if you have a quilt for the show. It’s at Central Baptist Academy, 7645 Winton Road, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Creative Festival
The Creative Festival in Sharonville is also June 13–15. Many different classes and speakers are scheduled on a variety of topics.

Sew Original Quilt and Creative Expo
The Sew Original Quilt and Creative Expo is in Louisville, Kentucky, has invited our guild to show quilts. Kentucky does not have any modern quilt guilds, and Sew Original is so excited to have us there that they have offered us a free 10' × 10' booth. We can show our Dresden quilts, Ohio Star quilts, and any other quilts that we want to have in the show. They just want an approximate number of quilts to expect, so Jessica sent around a sign-up sheet. Please contact her ASAP ( if you did not sign up but have quilts to send there. There are no size restrictions or requirements for our quilts, but they do need to have a hanging sleeve. We can bring our quilts there instead of sending them by mail, and this will help cut down on costs. They would like for us to help install the show and take it down too. The expo is August 31 and September 1. We also need people to help (wo)man our booth, so please contact Heather or Nancy for this or for any other information.

Shop Hop

The Shop Hop is on for July 13. We’ll be renting one or more 15-passenger vans, as needed, so please contact Kara Sanders if you have not already signed up. The cost is $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers. You can park your car at the Park & Ride lot across from Sewn Studio, then we’ll shop at Sewn, where Julie has offered a 20% discount to members. From there we’ll go to Lavender Street in Montgomery, and then on to Fabric Shack in Waynesville.

Happy Hour
Next happy hour is June 22 at Village Tavern in Montgomery.

AQS Modern Quilting Challenge
The American Quilter’s Society is sponsoring a Modern Quilt Challenge. You can enter any quilt made since January 2010. They are offering a total of $6,000 in prize money in 10 different categories. They need a full quilt photo, a detail shot, and a photo of the quiltmaker. Deadline is August 2. This is a great opportunity for modern quilters!

Charity: Quilts of Valor
Andie is working on a charity project with Quilts of Valor, who is having an anniversary this year and collecting blocks for a project. Details will be posted on the website. Please check back for details on how to contribute to this project.

Joining the Modern Quilt Guild and Fundraisers
Our guild will be joining the national Modern Quilt Guild in July. If you have not yet paid dues for this year, please do so ASAP. We will get lots of benefits with joining the national guild, such as discounts, access to fabric for challenges, website organization benefits, and others. 

For a fundraiser for the extra dues, you can order your 31 Large Utility Tote and accessories from Kayla…who had baby Henry on Sunday! Congratulations, Kayla and family!

F&W Media’s booklet for our Ohio Star quilts is on! Hurry! All quilts and pattern instructions will be due at our July meeting. Please contact Christine if you need any further information. This can be a great fundraiser for national dues.

Another fundraiser idea is to sell some of our handmade items at the Centennial Barn's Fall Festival. Last year we made a decent amount of money this way, even with fewer members, so we’re hoping to make more this year with more members. Also, Oakley is starting its own version of City Flea. It runs June through September on the last Saturday of each month. Booth space is $50. If we have enough support for this, we could have a sale there in September. Our guild is looking for someone to help organize these two fundraisers for us and to price our items for sale. If you have experience in craft fairs and would like to do this, please contact Jessica.

Hand-Quilting Challenge
Vicki brought two quilts that she made years ago. Her Drunkard’s Path quilt was completely hand quilted with shadow quilting. It took her about a month to quilt. Her second quilt, a 9 patch in a 9 patch, is diagonally hand quilted.

Nancy hand-pieced and hand-quilted a CMQG nametag.

New member Peggy made a small wall-art quilt with a machine-pieced heart that she hand appliquéd onto the quilt top. She also did the binding by hand by folding the quilt top to the back and using long, uneven stab stitches for a great improv look!

Cass brought a quilt that she made in 1983, even before the days of rotary cutters. It’s entirely hand pieced and hand quilted using the quilt-as-you-go method. 

She also showed a block left over from a double wedding ring quilt that she made completely by hand as a gift years ago.

Carolyn brought a hand-embroidered piece that she will add to another hand embroidered piece she did.

Next month’s swap is a scrap bag swap. Scraps must be at least 2.5" square. Bring your scraps in a zip-top plastic bag, and we’ll divvy them up and then redistribute. This is a great way to get a variety of scraps. Remember that we are a modern quilt guild and therefore would like to limit this swap to scraps of modern fabrics.

Show and Tell
Kathy made a beautiful queen-size Flying Geese quilt from Denyse Schmidt's quilt pattern Point Me using Denyse’s Flea Market Fancy fabric line. Janine did the quilting on this quilt.

Amanda brought her finished T-shirt quilt!

Michelle made an upcycled project from some of her husband’s favorite clothes that he just couldn’t part with…but needed to. It was a gift to him for his birthday. Now he’ll enjoy these clothes in another form, like it or not!

Gillian made yet another awesome baby quilt using a Butterfly Block tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts. 

She also made a #StLouis16patch quilt with 4" blocks using stacking and strip piecing.

Jessica did a Flickr pillow swap. She sent her pillow to England and got a beautiful pillow that she just loves, from England also, from Kettleboiler quilter Moira. 

She also made a mini quilt from scraps using a center star from Elizabeth Hartman’s first book.

Jill Montgomery brought her forgotten quilt. It’s been in Barb’s house for staging, and Jill completely forgot about it. Barb’s house is now sold (yeah!), and now Jill has her forgotten quilt back.

Education: Our Very Own Heather Jones!
Heather shared with us her presentation that she did at QuiltCon, with a few added tidbits just for us, Everyday Inspiration in Modern Quilts. Heather did not grow up in a quilting family, except for her great aunt Ollie, who made a pink and white hand-pieced quilt for Heather when Aunt Ollie was in her 80s and Heather was a baby. In high school Heather was voted Most Artistic, and her first love has always been fine arts. She has a bachelor’s degree in art history and has taken a lot of other art classes, so her approach to quilting is from a perspective of fine arts. She wants her work to be her own and not look like someone else’s. She is inspired by everyday things, everyday people, everyday places, every day.

Heather’s quilt design tools: iPhone and sketch book. She works her calculations using grid paper.

A Yield sign painted on a Walmart parking lot was her inspiration for a winning Project Modern quilt, Yield, judged by Valori Wells.

She uses a lot of solids, and one reason is that the design from a print doesn’t compete with the design in her quilt. For the same reason, she quilts straight lines a lot.

Josef Albers’ book The Interaction of Color and his art series Homage to the Square are her inspiration for her monochromatic Anni quilt and for her mini quilt Four Square and also Homage.

A few Railroad Crossing signs were the inspiration for an improv mini cross quilt and her Cross Ties quilt.

A barn silo was the inspiration for her Silo quilt, which won another Project Modern contest that was judged by Denyse Schmidt. It is not an exact duplication of what she saw, but an interpretation of it, where she tried to capture the linear aspects that inspired her from the silo.

Her pillow on the cover of Modern Patchwork magazine was inspired by a bullseye corner trim piece in her Victorian home.

Heather’s parting thoughts: Be aware of your surroundings, always have your camera ready, and be ready for inspiration anywhere.

View Heather’s  classes, Mod Stripes Quilt Top and Diamonds in the Sky, and trailer on the Creativebug website and her QuiltCon lecture on the Craftsy website.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, July 10, 2013 from 7-9 pm at the Centennial Barn.