Saturday, November 7, 2015

October Meeting 2015

October 14, 2015
St. Clare Convent
President Michelle Kirby presiding


2016 Officers: E-mail Michelle if you're interested in being a board member in 2016. Officers include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large. We're also looking for committee chairs for Education and Charity.

Guild Library: Gillian reminds us that the books in the guild library are available for borrowing. Sign out each book and bring it back the next month.

Thank You: To Sister Anne for donating the goodies that were free for the taking.

November Meeting: Bring your Round Robin blocks—it's the last round of this session!

Make-It-and-Maybe-Take-It Plus Modern Ohio Star Challenge

For last month's education challenge, members made modern Ohio Star blocks. Those who participated in the Make-It-and-Maybe-Take-It also made Ohio Star blocks.

Ellen2 was the winner of the Ohio star blocks! And Julie from Sewn Studio donated charm packs for the winner of the Education Challenge, which Michelle C. won. Thank you, Julie!

Show and Tell

Education: Free Motion Quilting

Holly took a class to learn free-motion quilting and techniques. She found it great to see how other people quilt, and she learned their tips and tricks.

Holly sketches her quilting ideas first. She's found that  if you can draw it with a pencil you can quilt it on a machine. She uses drafting tracing paper rolled out on her quilt top and sketches the design, using washable crayola markers (just in case the paper tears).
Holly showed us some different quilt designs, and we practiced drawing them.

Holly practices drawing curves over and over on tracing paper then she moves to a practice quilt sandwich.  She finds it's also a good idea to use practice sandwiches to warm up before free-motion quilting.

Holly recommends starting with smaller quilts when beginning free-motion quilting. She said, “No one will ever see the mistakes except for you.”  She leaves the mistakes and doesn’t rip out stitches. Just learn from mistakes and move on.

She starts in the middle of the quilt and works outward.  She does not bury her threads.  She takes a few stitches, pulls out thread and clips it.  

Holly uses quilting gloves (actually gardening gloves) to help grip the fabric as she free-motion quilts.  She also recommends an extension table to help move the quilt around.

She usually free motions straight lines to allow quilting on a diagonal unencumbered by a walking foot. 

Coming up with a design can be the hardest part. Holly gets a lot of her ideas from blogs, magazines, pictures and other quilters (copy designs as you begin to get comfortable with ideas). One of her favorite magazines is Machine Quilting.  

You need to learn new muscle memory with free-motion quilting, and it just takes practice, practice, practice to achieve that.

Education Challenge: Practice free-motion quilting and bring your work to the November meeting for a chance to win a prize!