Monday, September 10, 2012

September Meeting: Modern Quilting in the Queen City

This month we're focusing on MODERN! We've planned a fun and informative meeting busting with everything related to modern quilting.

Here's the plan....

Our Show'N'Tell time will go a little differently this month. We're asking for you to bring specific items. Please bring one or two quilty items that fall into one of these categories:

  • Applique – Quilt includes either machine or hand layering of fabric where the quilt’s focus is applique.

  • Handwork – Quilt includes at least one element of handwork including, but not limited to hand piecing, hand quilting, embroidery, redwork, cross stitch, crewel, etc. Hand stitched binding does not qualify as handwork.

  • Improvisation – Quilt is pieced improvisationally (without the use of a pattern or templates).

  • Minimalist Design –The design of the quilt expresses the principles of minimalism including one or more of the following traits, simplicity, clarity of focus, singleness, and use of large forms.

  • Use of Negative Space – Quilt design incorporates a significant use of negative space which organizes the composition of the quilt.

  • Piecing – Quilts that are machine pieced.

  • Modern Traditionalism – Quilt design incorporates the use of an identifiable traditional block pattern and modernizes it by applying design elements such as alternate grid work, asymmetry, color, scale, etc.

Be ready to share how/why your item fits into one (or two) of these modern categories.

After SNT, we're gonna talk about the elements of modern quilting.  This will be fun and informative and a time for learning and interaction. We're so excited about this part!

And then, after all the fun, we're gonna have a wrap-up at the end. This will be a quick conclusion to our meeting that will be an important part of our guild's mission and vision moving forward into the future.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at cincinnatimodernquiltguild {@} gmail . com

See you Wednesday at 7pm at the Centennial Barn!


  1. Sounds like a great program. I am always looking for ideas for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild meetings.

  2. Looking forward to going to my first guild meeting tonight! :)