Monday, September 17, 2012

Embroidery Swap Inspiration

The October meeting's swap is for a small embroidery item.  Embroidery is such a fun, peaceful and portable craft.  There's something so satisfying about picking out thread colors and all that repetitive stitching.  It's cheaper than therapy!

I've put together some inspiration and resources from around the internet in case you need some ideas for this month's swap.  It can be anything from a pincusion, finished hoop, small pillow, ornament or mug name it!


This cute embroidery design by Sarah Jane Studios featured on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog is perfectly seasonal.


These fruity segments are a great excuse to practice your satin stitch.  Find this plus other free patterns on  Polka and Bloom


Did anyone else have an obsession with unicorns in elementary school? Aimee Ray, the author of Doodle Stitching, has this free pattern over on her blog. You can also find a cute bicycle and birdcage pattern there, too.


Sublime Stitching has a sweet mustache sampler available to download for free.


This grumpy gnome cracks me up.


Could these sloths from Wild Olive be any more adorable? Check out these other freebies on her site.


Alicia Paulson from Posy Gets Cozy has these Days of the Week dishtowel patterns available. Choose your favorite day of the week to swap!


Rachael at imagine gnats has this adorable Thread Girl pattern that she has turned into an Embroidery To Go case.

Clover and Violet offers up this page full of embroidery resources on everything from how to pick thread and tutorials on different stitches.

And don't forget to search on Flickr and Pinterest if you're still on the hunt for inspiration.  Happy stitching!

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