Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Common Thread - An Exhibition of Quilts by the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild

Recently, our guild had the fortune of being invited to contribute works for an exhibit curated by Steven Vincent Clark at the Global Novations Art Gallery.  Heather Jones wrote an excellent post about the exhibition on her blog Olive and Ollie, and she was kind enough to let us post it here as well.  Thank you, Heather!


The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild was invited to participate in an exhibition of selected works curated by Steven Vincent Clark at the Global Novations Art Gallery. The opening was a couple of weeks ago and I've finally got the chance to share some photos of it that I took with you.

Steven wrote a very lovely narrative to accompany the exhibition as well. 

Quilt making, as we know it, was born of necessity. Patches and scraps of precious material were saved and stitched together in random or geometric patterns. When layers were joined together and filled with various materials to give added bulk and insulation against the cold, quilts became a staple in homes. Quilt making evolved into a skill learned and practiced by many in rural and poor communities through the country. 
Today, the craft can, and often does, go far beyond its original intentions. While the larger finished pieces are still warm and comforting, many quilters have opted for a non-utilitarian role for their efforts. It's true that several of the pieces on exhibit could be used to cover a chair or your legs on a chilly evening but visually enjoyed mounted on a wall is the preferred usage. 
For members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, respecting the heritage of their craft while exploring new methods, designs and applications for what has become their art form, is what connects them as a group. One can experience this by simply studying a quilt created by one of the members. There are details that, when viewed up close, can be reminiscent of a quilt a hundred years old. However, when you back up and take in the entire work, it becomes clear it is a contemporary piece made by someone with far more in mind than simply keeping warm. 
In essence what began as an almost life or death necessity has evolved, due in part to the industrialization and mass production of textiles, into an art form that can be viewed as an extravagance by some. However, to the members of the Guild and their many colleagues around the country and the world, one person's extravagance is another person's passion, life and commitment to keeping this craft/art form alive and thriving in all its many forms and usages.
I would like to thank all the members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild who participated in the exhibit and especially Heather Jones, the past president and founding member, whose help was invaluable in seeing the exhibit through to fruition. Thanks much.
Steve Vincent Clark
curator, Global Novations Art Gallery

And here are all of the pieces included in the exhibition:

my Stitch Zig Zag

Andrea Johnson, Liberated Stars & Stripes

my Improv Log Cabin

Christine Doyle, String Quilt #2

Ellen McKee, Gradient Whirl

Holly Castle, Wild Flower

Andrea Johnson, Flip Side

Christy Meyer, Bullseye

Janine Keeton, Sateen Stitches

Ellen McKee, Simple Symmetry

Teresa Seitz, Rain Dance

Gillian Pratt Krygowski, Ode to Ton Schulten

Loretta McMeans, Footsteps for Bree

Sarah Smith, Summer Storm

my Pinwheel Spinning Around

Sarah Smith, Broken: Unbroken

Jessica Rider, Early September

Gillian Pratt Krygowski, Measure the Stars

 Holly Castle, Wild Flowers II

 Nancy Brooks, Summersault Mosaic

Thank you very much to Steven Clark for all of his work though out the planning and execution of the exhibition. And thank you to everyone at the Global Novations Art Gallery, and to all of my colleagues in the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild who participated in this exhibition as well.

If you'd like to see the exhibition for yourself, it runs through November and is located at 11260 Chester Road, Suite 400, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246. The gallery is open to the public from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. 

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  1. What a great opportunity to display your guild's modern quilts. As a member of the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild I make OHIO proud!