Monday, June 2, 2014

Traveling Quilts: Round 2

Back in March, the guild started a traveling quilt challenge, and at the May meeting we saw the first round of blocks made in response to the original blocks. Pretty cool stuff.

Amanda made an anchor block (left) to go with Christy's nautical block (right).

Christy added three more blocks for Janine's traveling quilt.

Janine added the improv log cabin section (right) to Kathy's quilt.
Kathy made an improv log cabin (center) for Amy's sampler quilt blocks.
Jessica added a house and stepping stone section (left) to Kayla's original block (right).
Plus Jessica threw in some house blocks she's made for Sewn Studio.
Kayla made a block in the same colors (left) as Carole's original block (right).
Carole took Gillian at her word when she said, "Anything goes!" and cut Gillian's block and added strips of solid coordinated colors.
Gillian added water to Brooke's boat blocks (that's also Brooke's original nautical star block).
Since Brooke's quilt could take on a pirate theme, Gillian made a B pirate flag.
And finally, Gillian made this dashed line and gold star that a person would see on a pirate map.
Brooke made this block for Jessica's quilt. It's a block Brooke always wanted to make and now will never have to make again.
Christine made a circle of geese block (right) for Kay's quilt (original block on left).
Kay's block (left) used batik fabrics in the colors Kim used in her original block (right).
Kim made pinwheels (left) to go with Ellen's original block (right).
Ellen made plus blocks to go with Teresa's original block (center right).
Teresa made shark tooth blocks to go with Christine's original block (center).

The read the parameters each member set for her quilt, check out this block post from the March meeting.

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  1. You ladies are all amazingly creative and crafty! I love these blocks and this post.