Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sew Original Quilt & Creative Expo in Louisville

Many thanks to all the CMQGers who sent quilts to be displayed at the Sew Original Quilt & Creative Expo in Louisville and also to those who manned (womanned?) the CMQG booth at the expo.

Our quilts were displayed beautifully--a whole 5 rows' worth of quilts! And the quilts were right next to the seating area by the stage, which was the perfect place to show off the backs of the quilts too. Also, 4 of our quilts were the backdrop to the presentation stage.

These two shots below are some of the quilt backs.

And of course, the beautiful quilt tops.

You can see in this photo how the backs could be seen from the stage area.

Carol and a guest from Louisville, Meredith, worked in our booth all day on Friday. On Saturday,  Kara, Jill, and Nancy. And on Sunday, Heather and Christine. We weren't selling anything, which was unusual for a quilt show vendor, but it also made it really easy for people to step in and take a look around. We had quilts and quilt tops on the fabric walls, a design wall of batting on which we displayed pieced blocks, and books, small quilts, and other knickknacks on the table.

I wish I had a close-up of Kara's little cross-stitch: Crafters are Hot Chicks!

By far the most common question asked was, you guessed it, "What's the difference between modern quilting and regular (traditional) quilting?" I'd smile and reply, "That's a great question, and that's been discussed at many of our guild meetings too!"

And the nicest comment I heard was from a sweet white-haired woman. She looked into the booth, smiled really big, and said, "Thank you. You're bringing young people into quilting."

When the expo was being organized, there were no MQGs in Kentucky. Now there's two! We met some people from the Louisville Modern Quilt Guild, which just had their first official meeting in June and now has about a dozen or so members. And the Lexington MQG is in the works too.

Also search the hashtag #cmqg on Instagram for more great photos of the expo. Cheers!

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