Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Boston Blocks and Flags

... are off in the mail this morning! Everything our group made was so great that I couldn't resist taking some extra pictures before sending them away. It's so inspiring to be part of huge collaborations of the Modern Quilt Guild like this!

First the flags- Ellen's adorable XOXO set, and Gillian's paper crane. 

Had to get a close up of that one. Teach me your paper piecing ways Gillian!

And these are the blocks that will be turned into lots of quilts by the BostonMQG. Janie's cute polka dots on top, and Christine's lovely pinwheel on the bottom. 

These fun blocks by Sheila are all made from HSTs.

Cuteness overload here. Amazing ship block by Teresa and happy flowers from Carol. 

And these are my improv/ D9P blocks I started at Saturday's sew in with some of Sheila's fabrics. A collaboration within the collaboration!

Even though we have sent our group packages out, there is still some time if you want to contribute individually. Find instructions and address for the Boston quilts here, and for the flag project here.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!


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