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Thursday, January 12, 2017

November Meeting 2016

November 9 ,2016
The Barn in Mariemont
Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding

Welcome Allie Adams to the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild! The November meeting was the first she has attended.

Ice Breaker: What 'quilty' items are you excited to give or get this holiday season?
The holidays are just around the corner and our members are excited to give and receive! We are excited to receive:
     - An AccuCut system to simply their cutting process and to help save/utilize scraps
     - Gift certificates
     - Surprise quilty items from family members
 Answers we received for things we’re excited to gift included: 
      -Baby quilts
      -A quilt for Kay’s nephew
      -Zipper pouches for family and friends
      -UFO t-shirt quilt for a firefighter husband!

Janine passed around the Holiday Party food/drink sign-up sheet. The holiday party will happen on Wednesday December 14, 2016. Be there or be square! Please feel free to bring show and tell items as well. You can find the sign-up on the facebook page if you would like to contribute. Food items can include any of the following:
o   Drinks
o   Salads/Veggies
o   Snacks
o   Desserts
o   Main Dish/Casserole
o   Soups
Please bring your zipper pouches for our zipper pouch swap to the December meeting!

Election Time! We voted on the 2017 CMQG officers at our November meeting. The ladies on the ballot are as follows:
1.       President – Abby Graham
2.       Vice President- Amy Thonnerieux
3.       Treasurer – Ellen McKee
4.       Secretary – Natalie Crabtree
5.       Member at Large- Carol Calkins
6.       Education – Dana Kuhnline
Members also had the option to write in a candidate on the ballot. 

Show and Tell:

Show and Tell items included some festive and fun Halloween pillows. 

Christine presented her pinwheel medallion quilt.

Kay showed us her scrappy exploding star block quilt. No fabric was used twice in this quilt! 468 different fabrics!

Natalie shared her gypsy wife quilt and paper pieced ugly Christmas sweaters.

 Janine shared her lovely improv quilt made from a wide variety of fabrics that were given to her! What creativity!

Please note that the December sew-in has been cancelled.

October Meeting 2016

October 12 ,2016 
 The Barn in Mariemont 
 Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding

If you could be a quilting themed item/character for Halloween, what would you be?
At the beginning of the meeting, Ellen asked guild members what quilting themed costume they would wear for Halloween. We received some very creative answers including:
o   Rotary cutter
o   A fancy British paper piecing project
o   Flying goose
o   Spool of thread
o   Applique flower
o   A thread catcher (Because we all end up with thread all over us anyway!)
o   And a group favorite, a Sexy Hexy

Charity Update:
 The charity quilt has been pieced and is ready for quilting. The next step for the QuiltCon ‘Scale’ Charity Quilt is the quilting process done by Holly.

Introduction of the Holiday Zipper Pouch Swap
                Dana has organized a voluntary Holiday Zipper Pouch Swap for guild members. Some of the details are as follows:

o   This is a secret swap, you will be assigned a secret pal for which you receive likes/dislikes and other useful information on.
o   Please sew a zipper pouch of your choice and include some goodies with an approximate $10 value. Goodies could include thread, candy, sewing materials and other fun things!
o   The pouches will be exchanged at the December meeting. If you can’t make the December meeting, feel free to bring the pouch in November.
o   There is a sign up online for those who did not make the October meeting!
o   Use hashtag #CMQGpouchswap

Scale Challenge Results
 Elizabeth, Natalie and Tara completed the scale challenge assigned at the September meeting. Each created three different quilt designs using scale.

Show and Tell!
Descriptions for show and tell brought to the October meeting can be found below, photos for this guild meeting are MIA! 
o   Christine brought a quilt that she had made years ago but recently added borders.
o   Holly made a lovely bag with the lining sewn into a seam to avoid a ‘saggy’ lining.
o    Dorothy made a pineapple quilt for a new grandbaby with a wonderful story behind it.
o   Kay presented a lovely quilt she made and showed off the gorgeous longarm work on the quilt.
o   Annie brought a colorful free motion quilt. 

Education- Zipper Pouch Tutorial
Dana demonstrated how to make a zipper pouch and gave us some very helpful tips that will come in handy for our holiday swap! Tips include:
o   Use wonder tape to hold your zipper in place while sewing. You can find this in the notions aisle.
o   Pellon SF101 interfacing is useful in creating a stiffer and sturdier feel to your zipper pouch
o   Using a zipper foot is very helpful and allows you to get closer to your zipper while sewing

Looking ahead…
          -For the education during November’s meeting, we will have a work-in-progress workshop.                 -
          -Bring whatever you feel stuck on, want advice on or want to talk about!
          -Our December meeting will be a Holiday Zipper Pouch exchange and party. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Meeting (or "You've got a great zigzag")

TIP OF THE MONTH (from Amy): Try using yellow rubber dish gloves to help move your fabric as you machine quilt.

Next month's meeting will be on July 14th at 6:30.

There's a TON of info packe d in here, so keep reading!!!!
The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild (CMQG) met for the third time on June 9th, and I have to say, we had a fantastic time! If you don't know anything about us, we are a new group of "modern" quilters looking for friends, inspiration, a creati
ve outlet and a group of people to "oooh and ahhh
" over our finished (or partially finished) projects. We're a small group, but getting bigger all the time, and always looking for new members to come share our love of all-things-fabric.

Thank you!
A very special thanks goes out to Sue for hosting our June meeting at her lovely home and plying us with wine and hummus. Sue has super-g
raciously offered her home for future meetings, and we'll probably take her up on that! Another big thanks to Amy for the photos!

Attendance & Welcome!
There were eleven members at our last meeting, including two new members—a big welcome to Laura and Emily!!! Wednesday evenings seem to be a pretty good meeting time, so for the near-future, we'll keep holding our CMQG meetings once a month on Wednesday evenings. 

Attendees: Heather, Gillian, Andie, Sue, Tara, Victoria, Kelly, Amy, Emily, Laura, and Amanda

Some business:

Gillian agreed to take on the treasurer duties for the guild. We will be holding an officers' meeting in the upcoming weeks to discuss more details of how the guild will run and function, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding dues, events, web "stuff", etc. etc. etc., please let us know via this blog or our facebook page (link below). And even if you don't have a comment, be our friend! :-)

Website info:
On the website-front: Ning is going to become a pay-only site pretty soon, so we'll be closing our CMQG ning site pretty soon. This is the phase-out period! Start looking for all info regarding CMQG on this blogsite and our facebook page. If you don't have a facebook profile, never fear, don't despair! You can still see the posts without having a profile - you just won't be able to post anything yourself.

Charity involvement:
As a group, everyone seems very excited about doing some charity-quilting. Heather suggested two possible groups through which w e can donate quilt blocks: Rainbow Around the Block is accepting 12 1/2" monochromatic patchwork squares for those who lost their homes in the Tennessee floods. CMQG will be donating blue/green blocks to this great cause throughout the summer. For more info, go to:

Another great group is Operation Care Packa ge, providing handmade items for our troupes overseas. Read more about this at:

Know of something else we can get involved with? Let us know!

Once thing everyone wants is to learn new techniques, and we have a wealth of talented members who can be our teachers! Andie will be teaching the Strip-Twist Method at our July meeting, Amy will be giving a lesson on quilted placements in August, I'll be teaching a quick paper-piecing class in September, and Heather w
ill give a lesson on appliqué in October. Lots of exciting lessons coming up. Each will be pretty quick - no need to bring a sewing machine! Just gather around, soak the info in and get inspired! Because of these lessons, our meetings will start at 6:30 to give us a little extra time.

Fat Quarter Swap
There are a few of us (OK, it's ALL of us) who have a very small, very insignificant, very powerful fabric addiction. As Andie so hilariously put it, "It's my secret shame". Well, the secret's out—we love fabric and just can't get enough. SOOOO, our very awesome Quilt Guild will have a monthly FAT QUARTER SWAP! Woohoo!!! Very simply, take what you bring. Bring three fat quarters, take three fat quarte
rs. You get it. Swap away the fabric you don't like anymore or have no use for and take home pieces that someone else may hate but you absolutely love! and who cares - it's new fabric! :)

Tara would like something fun to do in Jul
y because July always kind of sucks. Any thoughts? This is also about the point in the meeting where Tara tweeted about Quilt Dad, our celebrity hero, our crafty Brad Pitt.

Maybe he'll tweet about us. Quilt Dad - tweet about us, puh-lease!
!!!! H is blog's awesome, so if you haven't already, check it out: /

Upcoming local classes
If you have any interest in dyeing your own fabric, there are two classes coming up this summer that will be amazing. In Fabric Dyeing 1, you will c reate several shades of one color and mix colors to create a rainbow of fabrics. In Fabric Dyeing 2 you will create multicolor fabrics using a variety of techniques. Dyeing 1 isn't a p
re-requisite for Dyeing 2. D yeing 1 is June 27 or July 17, Dyeing 2 July 10 or June 22. To sign up or for more information call or e-mail Barb at rbgro

Show and Tell
We had some amazing Show and Tell at this month's meeting! If you attend next month, make sure to bring something of your own - finished or not -to show us!

Heather finished a gorgeous wonky log cabin quilt with little owls that I think we all secretly wanted to steal when she wasn't looking. (Hopefully that wasn't just me . . .)

Tara made a super-cute wedding gift quilt for some friends (who hopefully won't stumble across this blog before the wedding) using Moda layer cakes.

Gillian brought in two awesome quilts that she needs some encouragement to finish up! The first was a Grandmother's Flower Garden and the second was an Amish inspired quilt featuring a Geisha-print fabric.

Amy (our fabulous photographer) showed us the panels she made for a baby quilt featuring the coveted Heather Ross Far Far Away Princess and the Pea fabric.

And I brought in an extremely bright print apron I made as a result of my current "apron-kick".

Block Swap
In other news, we exchanged our blocks from our very first BLOCK SWAP! This month, we swapped 9-patches made with only black, grey, white and citron prints/solids. They turned out awesome! Thanks for participating, everybody—they were all really cute and well made. Here's Victoria showing off her block for the swap:

Maybe next month someone will have a quilt put together with the results of the swap that we can show here.

Next month, we will be making Wonky Log Cabin blocks. Sign ups for this month are closed with 11 participants. Block instructions will be emailed to you directly are on the Ning site and in the notes section on the Facebook page. Still looking for the best way to get this info out! If you signed up and don't have the instructions in your inbox by Tuesday, let me know. We do sign-ups for this event on a month to month basis, so check back here in early July to get in on it for the August swap!

Check out some of our amazing members' Etsy shops and blogs:

Victoria's Etsy shop:

Also check out: for some awesome tutorials and ideas!

Interested in joining the CMQG? Contact us through this blog our through our facebook page for more details on our next meeting! Hope to see you there!

Happy Quilting!