Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 2017 Meeting

March 8, 2017  
The Barn in Mariemont
President Abby Graham presiding

Happy March everyone! Thank you to all CMQG members and guests who attended our March meeting! We had a great turnout and even had to add chairs! It was a wonderful meeting filled with bee blocks, zipper pouches and an awesome education segment.  

Guild News

We are participating in the Quilter’s Day Out event on Saturday March 18th. This is a fun and unique way to invite other quilters to our activities and meetings and spread the word that modern quilting is fabulously fun. The details are as follows:

Stringtown Quilters Guild presents: Quilters Day Out
Saturday, March 18, 2017
10:00 am- 3:00 pm
Boone County Extension Enrichment Center
1955 Burlington Pike
Burlington, KY

Admission is free, however if you wish to attend the lecture and trunk show by Frieda Anderson, there is a $5 charge.

We are collecting zipper pouches to sell at this event in hopes of raising money for activities or speakers. If you have a zipper pouch you want to contribute, or a modern quilt you would like to display, please reach out to a board member so we can arrange pickup.

We encourage our guild members to come support this event! We look forward to meeting some new faces from the local quilt world.

Other Guild News

If you have fabric or notions that you don’t have a place for anymore or want to pass along to someone else, please bring them to our guild meetings! Someone in our guild might find your long lost treasures irresistible. You may price them, or give them away for free. Shop or destash at guild!

Abby asked members what would make members more enticed to come to sew-ins. Members suggested longer sew-in times due to packing up all necessities for the sew-in. Other suggestions included tutorials, food and beverages so that we could stay longer, sign-ups and have limited spots available and changing locations to libraries. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to a board member.


We have some fantastic work being done by some of our committees in the guild. Our swap committee has some exciting activities planned for our guild! Here is a tentative list of swaps to come!
·         March- Pin cushion swap. Bring a handmade pincushion to swap. Please bring this item concealed in a bag and unmarked. We will be adding more details on the blog shortly.  
·         April- Fat Quarter swap
·         May- Thread swap. Bring your favorite thread or thread color to swap!
·         June –TBD
·         July-Favorite Notion swap
·         August- Bring a yard of fabric for a “Rip Off”. Everyone will leave with fabric!
·         September- Polaroid block swap
·         October – Low volume charms swap
·         November- Bag of scraps swap
·         December – Mug Rug swap

Fantastic work by Becky, Allie, Dorothy and Elizabeth! We appreciate and admire your hard work.

Quilting Bee Hive 1

Yo received some incredible and colorful blocks for her month in Hive 1. Check out photos below!

Natalie gave instructions for the Disappearing Pinwheel Arrow Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company. She is requesting two blocks with a low volume white/light grey background and a darker grey arrow. She loves text print, newspaper prints and it’s okay to add the tiniest bit of color. However she is trying to stick with grey scale. Check out her completed block below. You may contact her if you have any questions.

Quilting Bee Hive 2

Carrye was dazzled by the creativity shown in her bee blocks! She has a wide array of shapes and colors. This will be a fun quilt!

For March in Bee Hive 2 Ginny gave everyone a piece of fabric, 6 x WOF, to use in whatever block they want to make! She would like it to be 10 ½ inch square and use your imagination. The fabric is hand painted and is a swirl of turquoise, purple and blue!

Show and Tell:

Yo shared her QuiltCon quilt swaps

Christine shared the newly quilted gift for her mom. Quilted by our very own, Holly!

Carrye brought the start of an adorable baby quilt. This quilt is a group effort, she volunteered to make the sail boats and designed the blocks!

Janine brought a client project that she quilted. Pictures don't do this quilt justice, the quilting is magnificent! 

Erin has completed her fourth quilting project, a fun table topper! Nice work!

Dorothy is patiently awaiting the arrival of a new grand baby. She has a hand quilted baby quilt for the new arrival.

Christy brought her awesome Charley Harper inspired mini quilt for an Instagram swap she’s participating in. How fun!

Dana has almost completed her cogs and they are looking great! 

Tara brought her colorful creation, what a beauty! 


Dana prepared a fantastic color theory presentation to correspond with our Color Theory Challenge! For more details on this challenge, please refer to the February meeting blog post. Although there will be a separate blog post for the education segment, I want to share some tips, tricks and helpful hints on color theory.

  • The hue refers to the pure color. Saturation refers to how intense the color is.Value refers to whether the shade is light or dark. Shade is the hue+black, Tone is the hue+grey. Tint is the hue+white. 
  •   Color theory can greatly improve your fabric selection.
  • Helpful Hint! If you are struggling with color selection or fabric selection, take a picture of your project or fabric choices and blur the photo. This may help ‘clear’ things up for you because it gives you a more abstract view of your choices. You see colors and shapes verses the fabric design.
  • Putting a black and white filter on your photo can also help because it shows what fabrics are standing out most and what is being left in the background. Value and Saturation can be seen more clearly with this trick.

Stay tuned for more blog posts. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our March meeting and look forward to seeing you next month on April 12th

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