Monday, July 11, 2016

July Hive ONE: Shonna's blocks

Hive ONE for July - Shonna's Star Block
Shonna would like her Hive to make her a Four Pointed Star block. 

1)  Cut 4 squares of a modern print (9” x 9” each).

2)  Cut 8 rectangles of a solid fabric that contrasts with the print (4-5” x 10”).

3)  Lay a piece of solid (right side to right side) on the square between the top left and bottom right corners.  (You choose exactly where, everyone’s will be a little bit different.)  Sew a ¼” seam on the solid.   Cut ¼” from seam.   Flip solid and iron.   Trim block back to  9” x 9”.  

(Having trouble visualizing this?  Keep in mind paper piecing; when you flip the solid you need to make sure it will completely cover the top right corner of the square.)

4)  Lay a second piece of solid fabric on the square, right sides together.  One corner on the right side and one overlapping the solid color already sewed on.  Sew a ¼” seam on the solid.

Cut ¼” from seam.  Flip solid and iron.  Trim block back to 9” x 9”.

5)  Repeat for the other 3 squares.  Flip the squares so that solids make a star in the center.  The points will not all line up, no worries.  Sew the top-left and top-right squares together.  Sew the bottom-left and bottom-right squares together.  Line up the middle seam and sew the top and bottom together.

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