Friday, January 22, 2016

January Meeting 2016

January 13, 2016
St. Clare Convent
Co-Presidents Janine Keaton and Ellen Berninger presiding


Thank you to the 2015 Officers:
Janine and Ellen thanked the previous Officers for their service and gave them each gifts. 

President: Michelle Kirby
Vice President: Amy Thonnerieux
Secretary: Christine Doyle
Treasurer: Abby Graham
Member at Large: Robin Campbell

The 2016 Officers were introduced: 
Co-President: Janine Keaton
Co-President: Ellen Berninger
Secretary: Wendy Planicka
Treasurer: Abby Graham
Member at Large: Robin Campbell

and 2016 Committee Chairs:
Swap Committee Chair: Annie Iverson-Puckett
Education Committee Chair: Dana Kuhnline
Charity Committee Chair: Ellen McKee

Guild Dues: 
Dues are $40 per year for each member. With that money, we pay the national guild and fund projects in our guild. If you did not pay at the January meeting, please bring cash or check to the February meeting.

Charity Update

Members of our guild pieced together a charity quilt for QuiltCon. The quilt was  pieced together using an "improv with intent" method. It quilt depicts the seven hills of our area. Ellen reported she had to rip out part of the top quilting and re-do portions of it. She'll have it ready to show at an upcoming meeting.

There is a backlog of finished quilt tops that need to be finished. Ellen will bring the quilts to the next meeting and ask for people to take them and finish them. 

Sew-In Update

The Cincinnati Public Library has a new Maker Space at their main branch, 800 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45202. The Maker Space has some cool equipment like a 3D printer, a laser cutter/engraver, sewing stations, and a vinyl printed/cutter. We have scheduled a tour on Tuesday, February 16 at 2:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend! Then, our Sew-In is scheduled for that following Saturday, February 20 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Room 3B. Bring surge protectors and extension cords with you. 

Parking for the Main Branch Library is available at the metered on-street spaces and at several pay garages or surface lots.

Quilt Guild Bee

We are doing a Quilt Bee this year! Here's how it works: there are two bee hives. Each person in each hive gets a month. When it's your month, you show your block at the Guild Meeting, then the next month, your hive members bring completed blocks to you. You will probably get enough blocks to make an entire quilt top! 

The particulars: 

  • Your chosen block size should be between 12 inches and 15 inches.
  • If you want smaller blocks, you could request several small blocks that roughly equal one larger block.
  • Remember that skill levels vary among hive members. Challenging our skills and creativity is great, but, the block should still be attainable for novice quilters. 
  • You may request a specific color scheme.
  • If you would like a specific fabric or designer, you must supply the fabric.
  • If you miss a meeting, or you are unable to make the block, contact Queen Bee Annie
  • Use the hashtag  #CMQGBee

During your bee month:

  • Before the Guild meeting, you will:
    • Type up instructions for your block. This should include size requirements, color scheme, and instructions on how to make the block. You can either create a tutorial yourself or link to a site that has a tutorial. Include a photo and/or color inspiration.
    • Email this information to Wendy (either the instructions and photos, or the link to your blog post containing the information). Please email the information the WEEK OF THE GUILD MEETING. 
    • At the Guild meeting, you'll bring your sample block and share with the group, plus give a quick overview of what you want.

During someone else's month:

  • You will receive an overview at the Guild meeting of the block you are to make.
  • The instructions for the blocks will be posted here on this blog.
  • Make the block(s) and bring to the next meeting!

Hive members:
There are two hives within our Guild. 

Hive One Members and their assigned months:

  • January - Janine
  • February - Amy T.
  • March - Abby
  • April - Christine
  • May - Tara
  • June - Becky 
  • August - Jeanie 
Hive Two Members and their assigned months:
  • January - Ellen B.
  • February - Amy G.
  • March - Dorothy
  • April - Annie
  • May - Robin
  • June - Shonna
  • July - Janine 
Bee Angels: Janice and Dana

January Bee Blocks:

Show and Tell:

Abby finished her Betsy bag! She also showed two recent completions: Sew-Together bags.

Christine showed her finished tree quilt.

Robin made this triangle block quilt for her sister's baby. 

Sheila made this modern take on the churn dash. She quilted it at The Quilter's Studio in Loveland.

This is the back of Sheila's quilt.

Brooke made this quilt for her brother-in-law and Annie did the quilting for her.

Quilt for Comfort: 

Annie is gathering Raspberry Kiss quilt blocks to make a Quilt for Comfort for the widow of a local firefighter. The blocks are to be made with jewel tone centers and low volume - make a 9 inch block that will finish at 8.5 inches. 

Here are some block examples: 

Annie will be collecting the blocks at the February Guild meeting. She's hoping to collect enough blocks to make two quilts - one for the firefighter's wife and one for his mom. Search the hashtag #quiltforcomfort on Instagram to see more examples. 


Heather Jones shared her great tips on improvisational quilting! Heather defines improv quilting as not following a pattern and really just doing your own thing. Improv work all looks different because of the quilter's personal style and aesthetic preferences. 

Heather begins her improv designs by sketching them in her notebook and she said she does not follow a strict set of guidelines when she's designing. 

Heather is showing her sketched design of the quilt ... and the finished piece below ...

Another sketch design Heather showed from her notebook is her Kent Quilt, which was inspired by tiles in a bathroom.  

Heather uses eyeball measurements when she is improv quilting, not precise measurement. She uses scissor to cut, or a rotary cutter, and sometimes uses a ruler. One piece could have both free form cutting and ruler cutting. 

Improv quilting is not messy quilting, Heather emphasized. Use solid construction, pin wheel and iron to avoid unintentional wonkiness. In improv quilting it's not necessary to use a quarter inch seam allowance. 

Heather teaches online at CreativeBug - click here to see her classes

Heather's book, Quilt Local, is out now! 

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