Friday, June 17, 2011

Spoonflower Swap for July

Our swap for July is a Spoonflower swap. Spoonflower offers customs fabric designs - you can design and upload your own print or select one from the site.
Participants will order a yard of their favorite Spoonflower fabric, cut 6" charm squares and swap them for other prints at our July meeting.  Because of the nature of this swap, you will need to sign-up by Wednesday, June 22nd.  To do so, simply leave a comment on this post with your name and the name/artist of the print you are ordering.  Please peruse these comments to ensure that we don't end up with duplicate fabrics.  Due to the production time at Spoonflower, order your fabric by Friday, June 24th.
After sign-ups have closed, we will let participants know how many charms to cut.  You will probably have some yardage leftover for your own use.   
Questions?  Shoot us an email at  
Happy Shopping, Amy T.


  1. Christy Meyer
    Fabric- VW_bus1
    Artist-Sara Klonicki (fabric by sarak721)

  2. Kelly B
    Fabric - Caroline Blue
    Artist - Giltgoods


  3. Sarah Smith
    Fabric - Map_butterfly_zoom
    Artist - Peppermintpatty

  4. Sarah Hibner
    Fabric - Nasturtiums
    Artist - Anntuck

  5. Were there really just four of us who signed up???

  6. Well, ladies, since it's just the four of us, maybe we should do something slightly different. Seems like there's no point in swapping charm squares if there are just four of us. Should we make something out of our Spoonflower fabric instead and swap that?

  7. Did you decide what to do with the Spoonflower fabric? Should we hold and try to swap another month to see if we get more participation?