Sunday, February 20, 2011

CMQG Logo - We need your vote!

CMQG Members and Friends:
Pick our new logo!

Voting is open until March 1!
{Please only vote once and voting is limited to CMQG members and CMQG Facebook friends}

Choice 1
Blue/One Block

Choice 2
White/Multi Block


  1. I like them both. Number 1 is my choice. For some reason, it makes me think of the Union Terminal which certainly is a symbol for Cincinnati.

  2. I like the second one. bold, graphic. Plus the lettering can be the logo in itself.

  3. I like both, but the 2nd one is my fave. The first one reminds me too much of the UC DAAP building which I spent tooooooo much time in.

  4. I too like #1. I really like the font and love the colors - more like the colors I'd choose to use in a quilt rather than the 2nd, more primary palette.