Commercial Carpet Cleaning Memphis

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, you have a lot of options in Memphis. One thing to consider before hiring a company is which method to use. Here are the most common cleaning methods used by commercial carpet cleaners in Memphis.

Steam Cleaning: The most common method of carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners can use either truck mounted machines or portable machines to do the work. For most commercial accounts, portable machinery is preferred because it allows doors to remain locked. Truck mounted machines require a hose to be run from the truck to the cleaning location. The benefit to this method is that it can remove a large amount of soil. The negative is that it requires the most dry time. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for carpet to dry.

Encapsulation Cleaning: This method involves the application of a cleaning agent designed to absorb soil and then harden to a crystal. The cleaner and soil is then removed later at the next vacuuming. The benefit to this method is that it dries very fast, in less than an hour. The negative is that it removes less soil than steam cleaning but this is typically not that important with commercial carpets that are cleaned often.

Bonnet Cleaning: In this method, your carpet cleaner will apply a cleaner to the carpet and then extract it with cotton or synthetic bonnets. The benefit here is that it once again dries quickly. The negative is that it can cause fiber damage if the operator is not attentive. Soil removal ability is about the same as with encapsulation cleaning.

Dry Powder Cleaning: Here, your carpet cleaner will apply a moist powder to the carpet and agitate it with a brush machine. The carpet is dry in minutes with this method and it is the fastest drying process. It probably has the least soil removal capability however and the powder can be hard to completely remove in a single vacuuming.

Top Companies in Memphis

  1. Memphis Clean
    From the website: “We are licensed, insured and certified in what we do by the IICRC. Rest assured knowing our team of technicians can handle the biggest and most challenging jobs correctly and on time! We treat every job as if it were our own home or business. We provide janitorial and floor cleaning services in Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Bartlett, Lakeland and virtually anywhere in the Memphis area. Call us today or schedule right now on-line.”
    Memphis Clean
  2. Clean Pro
    From the website: “As with all of our services, our carpet cleaning service is first class. We strive to make your total CleanPro experience an experience with lasting value. From the moment one of our trained carpet cleaning professionals walks through your door until the clean is complete and you are happily satisfied, we are there to serve you the way you deserve.”
    Clean Pro
  3. Service Master
    From the website: “Your office building is the face of your company. To keep your organization at its best, we provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by our local experts who understand your unique needs.Using the latest technologies and procedures, we help provide a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees that is done to your complete satisfaction. Simply put, we care about clean and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.”
    Service Master
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Smelly Carpet After Cleaning

If your carpet smells after a cleaning it is usually caused by one of two things. Over wetting of the carpet or incomplete removal of soil.

First, over wetting. If you had your carpet steam cleaned, it should take at most 24 hours for it to dry. Even that amount of time is pushing it since most truck mounted steam cleaners can get a carpet dry in 6 hours, if the process is done correctly. A carpet that is wet for longer than 24 hours is at risk of mildew growth and a musty odor.

To remedy the above situation, you must first and foremost get the carpet dry. Use the HVAC system in your home to help you. Your air conditioning system can remove a massive amount of moisture, take advantage of this. If you have any portable fans, blow them across the carpet. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on high. Once the carpet is dry, your odor will probably be gone.

If, the odor is still present, you can try to neutralize the odor with a vinegar and water solution. In a spray bottle mix one part white distilled vinegar with two parts of water. Mist it over the area with odor and let it dry. Repeat one or tow times if needed. If this does not take care of the odor, we suggest you call the company who did the carpet cleaning for you and ask them to redo the work.

Incomplete soil removal, is the second reason for a musty odor after cleaning. Many soils will be stronger after a cleaning if they are not completely removed. This is because the water will reactivate the dry stain and cause it to once again smell. This is particularly true with pet stains but can also apply to organic stains like milk.

The first step to remedy this situation is to once again let the carpet dry. In many cases the odor will go away after the carpet is completely dry. Also, the company who cleaned your carpet may have used deodorizers which may take time to work on the source. Let it dry completely by using fans and your HVAC and then go from there.

If the odor is still present after the carpet is completely dry, you should call the company who performed the cleaning. Ask them to redo the areas with a persistent odor.

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Crunchy Carpet

After you have your carpet cleaned, you are ready to sit back and enjoy your nice clean carpeting. All you want to do is get your furniture and your rooms back in order but there is a problem. Your carpet is now crunchy, not at all like the soft and comfy carpet that you imagined. What is causing the carpet to feel hard and crunchy?

Residue, that is what is causing the problem. Your carpet cleaner has left residue on the carpet that is causing the fibers to feel stiff and hard. So how can you fix the situation?

Solution 1:

The first thing that you need to do is vacuum the carpet. Wait until the carpet is completely dry and then vacuum the carpet slowly and carefully. Go in multiple directions so that you brush all sides of the fiber. Many low residual cleaners will easily release from the fiber and your carpet will be left soft again.

Solution 2:

If vacuuming the carpet does not restore the softness, you will need to rinse the carpet again. If you cleaned it yourself, rinse the carpet with your carpet cleaner and plain water. If you had a professional cleaner clean your carpet, you will need to call them and ask them to return. Tell them that you have repeatedly vacuumed your carpet and it is still stiff. Most reputable companies will return to redo the work.

Solution 3:

If all else fails and a single vacuuming does nothing or you can not have it rinsed, your last choice is to wait it out. Chances are that with continued foot traffic and vacuuming, the residue remaining will slowly disappear.

Hopefully, one of the methods above will eliminate your issue with crunchy carpet. If not, be sure to choose a different method of cleaning next time or simply choose a different cleaning company.

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No Residue Carpet Cleaning, Las Vegas

Carpet cleaning is one of those necessary things that you have to do for your home but it can also be a real pain. Because of this, you need to make the most of the hassle and choose the right method the first time. These days, the best way to clean your carpet is with a method that leaves zero soil attracting residue. Zero residue methods have many benefits. Here are just a few.

  • Carpet stays clean longer.
    Without all of the sticky residue, your carpet will stay clean much longer. Why go through all of the hassle of carpet cleaning only for it to get dirty in a matter of months. With a good residue free carpet cleaning, your carpet could stay cleaner for a year or more.
  • Less wear on your carpet.
    Dirt is abrasive so the less soil you have on your carpet, the longer it will last. Zero or no residue cleaning will help keep abrasive soil from sticking to your carpet.
  • No residue cleaners are safer.
    Without all of the dangerous detergents and soaps, your carpet will be healthier. This is especially important with todays well sealed homes. What goes in, stays in.
  • Carpet feels softer.
    Without a sticky and often crunchy residue, your carpet will feel softer and much more comfortable.

Convinced, good. Now you just need to find a company in Las Vegas that offers this service. It should not be too hard to do because zero residue style carpet cleaning is quickly becoming the norm. Make a few calls and ask your potential carpet cleaners some questions. Ask what method they use, if they use soap or detergent and what is included in the price. You want a carpet cleaner that does steam cleaning, uses no soap and that includes everything needed for a basic cleaning in the price. At the minimum this should be pre-treatment and basic spot cleaning. The better companies will also include vacuuming and light furniture moving in their price.

Be sure you thoroughly research any company that you intend to hire. This means searching for their name and phone number on the internet to look for bad reviews, to make sure they are not operating under multiple names and to make sure they are not new to the business. It may take more time to do this, but it is the only way to find a good Las Vegas company that leaves zero residue behind.

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No Residue Carpet Cleaning Sacramento

It used to be that every carpet cleaner used a solution of soap and detergent to clean. It was just the way it was done. Sure, it cleaned the carpet but it left a ton of residue behind and rapid resoiling became a real issue. Today, zero or no residue carpet cleaning is becoming the norm. There are a few holdouts though, so as a consumer you need to do your research to make sure that your carpet cleaner truly leaves no residue behind. Here is what you need to do to find the perfect carpet cleaner in Sacramento.

This will take a bit of work on your part, but the results are worth it. You must call a few Sacramento carpet cleaners and interview them. Call at least three or four for best results. Ask them the following questions.

  1. Do you use soap or detergent?
    Gets right to the point but you are looking for more than just no. They should explain what is in their cleaner and how it works without leaving a residue.
  2. What kind of cleaning method do you use?
    The industry standard and the method suggested by carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction or steam cleaning, this is the method that you want. It will clean better.
  3. What kind of machine do you use?
    The best form of hot water extraction is truck mounted hot water extraction. The equipment is more powerful and it can remove the most soil and leave the least residue.
  4. What is included in the price?
    At a minimum, your carpet cleaner should include pre-treatment and basic spot cleaning. If they charge extra for spots, pre-treating or heavy soiling, beware.
  5. Who does the work?
    The best answer is that the owner of the company does all of the work but they should at least have their own employees. Avoid subcontractors.

It is a lot of work to call all around Sacramento interviewing carpet cleaners but it is worthwhile. It can find you not only a no residue carpet cleaner, but also a qualified one.

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Carpet Cleaning Without Residue, Phoenix, AZ

Carpet cleaning is expensive and time consuming. Because of this, you want to get a job that will last for a long time. This means that you need a Phoenix carpet cleaner that leaves zero soil attracting residue behind. No residue carpet cleaning is gaining popularity as consumers begin to demand it. Here is what you need to know in order to find a Phoenix company that offers this service.

In order to find a carpet cleaner that uses this type of cleaning, you need to do some interviewing on the phone. Put together a list of three or four companies that you are considering and call them all. Ask them the following questions.

  1. Do you use soap or detergent?
    A no residue carpet cleaner will say no and will then tell you the product they se and how it works.
  2. What kind of cleaning system do you use?
    The method recommended by major carpet mills is hot water extraction. This is because it is safer for the carpet and has the ability to remove the most soil. Insist on a carpet cleaning service that uses hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.
  3. What kind of machine do you use?
    In addition to using hot water extraction, your Phoenix cleaner should use truck mounted machines. These machines are more powerful so they clean better and leave less residue behind.
  4. What is included in the price?
    Everything needed for a standard cleaning should be included in the price. At the minimum, this should include pre-treatment and basic spot cleaning.
  5. Are there extra charges for stains?
    They should include basic stains int he base price. It is acceptable to charge extra for complex stains such as pet stains or coffee stains.
  6. Who does the work?
    Hopefully, you can find a good company where the owner does all of the work. Second best would be a company with employees but in no case should you ever use a company that uses subcontractors. If they are vague about who will come out, move on.

It can be a pain to call all of the companies in advance but it is very much worth it. In this industry, you need to know what you will be getting before you commit.

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Carpet Cleaning Without Residue – Dallas, TX

Carpet cleaning can be a huge pain, so when you get it cleaned, you want it to stay clean for a long time. To accomplish this goal, you need to find a carpet cleaner that leaves no residue behind. Soap free cleaning is becoming the norm but not every company in Dallas does it. There is no acceptable amount of soil attracting residue that can be left behind, zero. But how do you find a no residue carpet cleaning service? Here is what you need to do.

As I said, no residue carpet cleaning is nothing new, but not every Dallas company does it. To find the good ones that leave zero soil attracting residue behind, you will need to interview them. Here are the questions that you need to ask.

  1. Do you use soap?
    Straight to the point, ask do you use soaps and detergents. If they answer yes, move on. If they say that they use zero soap, ask what they do use and how it cleans.
  2. What kind of system do you use?
    Hot water extraction is the industry standard. It removes the most soil and has the ability to leave the least amount of residue. Insist on a Dallas carpet cleaner that uses a truck mounted hot water extraction or steam cleaning system.
  3. What is included in your cleaning price?
    It is not acceptable to charge extra for things that every carpet will need. Make sure your carpet cleaner includes pre-treatment and basic spot cleaning in their base price.
  4. Do you charge extra for any stains?
    Some stains will require extra treatment at an additional cost but they should not charge extra for common stains like soda or traffic area soiling.
  5. Who will be doing the work?
    Preferably the owner will do the work. Second best is an employee of the company. Subcontractors are never a good thing.

Interview several local carpet cleaners before making your decision. When you are done with the interviews, hire the one that you have the best feeling about.

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Carpet Cleaning Without Residue – Miami, FL

When you have your carpet cleaned in Miami, you want to have it stay clean for a long time. Because of this, you need to choose a company that leaves zero soil attracting residue behind. There is little excuse for a company to still use soap in Miami. There are just too many quality cleaning solutions out there that leave no residue behind to attract soil. If you want a carpet cleaning that lasts, here is how you can find the best cleaner.

Believe it or not, carpet cleaning with non residual cleaning solutions is nothing new. Nearly half the cleaners in the Miami market will use something that does not attract soil. The trick is finding them and making sure that they do quality work. Here are the questions that you need to ask your carpet cleaner.

  1. Do you use soap?
    The bad carpet cleaners will just say yes without much thought. The good ones will explain how they do not use soap and how they use a cleaner that does not attract soil.
  2. What kind of system do you use?
    You want a carpet cleaner that uses the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning systems do not clean as well as hot water extraction. This is why major carpet mills recommend consumers use it.
  3. What kind of equipment do you use?
    Preferably they answer truck mounted machines. These machines remove more soil and leave the carpet much drier than portable machines. Not every Miami company will use them because they are expensive to buy and to operate.
  4. What is included in your cleaning price?
    Everything needed for a basic cleaning should be in the price. This should, at the minimum, be pre-treatment and basic spot cleaning.
  5. Do you charge extra for any stains?
    It is okay to charge extra for specialty stains like red dye or pet stains. If the cleaner charges extra for heavy soiling or heavy spotting, you should move on.
  6. Who will be doing the work?
    Make sure that the owner or their employees will be doing the work. No subcontractors.

After asking the above questions, you should have a pretty good idea as to whether you want to hire a company. If, after doing your interview, you have a bad feeling about a company, move on. It might seem like a lot of work, asking all of these questions but it is the only way to find a quality cleaning service.

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Apartment Carpet Cleaning Denver

Finding a good carpet cleaner in Denver can be tough. If you are living in a condo or an apartment, it can be even tougher. Sure, there are lots of carpet cleaners to choose from but at least half of those are bad. They either do bad work or are looking to con you. If those left, not all of them will clean condos or apartments. This makes your job of finding a cleaning company rather hard. Still, it has to get done so here is what you need to do.

First, lets figure out what method to use. Hot water extraction with a truck mounted system is the best method. If you live on the third floor or below and you are within 100 feet of a parking spot, use this method. It cleans the best and leaves your carpet fairly dry. If you can not use this method, your choices are dry cleaning or portable hot water extraction. Use portable hot water extraction if you have heavy soil and use dry cleaning if you have light soil and need your carpet dry in under an hour.


Now that you have your method, you need to choose some Denver carpet cleaners. Make a list of at least three cleaners that use the method that you choose. Search for their name and eliminate those with many bad reviews. Also eliminate those with no information. You do not want a new cleaner or one that changes their name often.

Next, call the cleaners left on  your list and ask if they serve apartments, what their pricing is, what is included in that price, who does the work and ask them to generally explain their method. Go with the carpet cleaner who gives you the best feeling.

On the day of the cleaning, be sure to have small items moved out of the way. Be prepared to keep pets and children out of the way. If choosing truck mounted steam cleaning, it would be a good idea to park your vehicle in a close spot so that you can save it for your carpet cleaner.

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Apartment Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Need your carpet cleaned in Seattle? Well, choosing a carpet cleaner can be a difficult task. Not all carpet cleaners are good or even care about doing quality work. If you live in an apartment or condo, your task is even harder because not all carpet cleaners can or will clean apartments and condos.

The first thing that you need to decide is which method to use. The best is truck mounted steam cleaning. These systems are very powerful and remove the most soil and the most moisture. The problem is that they have limited reach because hoses must come from the van or truck to your apartment or condo. To use one of these systems your unit must be within about 100 feet of a parking spot and no more than three stories high. If you meet these requirements, this is the system that you should choose.

If you are outside of those limitations, your choice is between portable steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Portable steam systems remove more soil than dry systems but they can take up to 24 hours to dry. Dry cleaning will get your carpet dry in about an hour but does not do well with heavy soil or pet stains.  If you have heavy soil and can deal with the dry times, portable steam is the method that you should choose. If you have light soil with no pet stains and want it dry fast, call a dry carpet cleaner.

Whichever system you choose, be sure to fully research the company that you intend to hire. Do a search for their company name and/or phone number. Make sure that they do not have many unanswered complaints or bad reviews. If they have been in business for any length of time, you should also see positive reviews if they are any good. Avoid companies that you can not find information on, this often indicates a new company or one that changes their name often.

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