Crunchy Carpet

After you have your carpet cleaned, you are ready to sit back and enjoy your nice clean carpeting. All you want to do is get your furniture and your rooms back in order but there is a problem. Your carpet is now crunchy, not at all like the soft and comfy carpet that you imagined. What is causing the carpet to feel hard and crunchy?

Residue, that is what is causing the problem. Your carpet cleaner has left residue on the carpet that is causing the fibers to feel stiff and hard. So how can you fix the situation?

Solution 1:

The first thing that you need to do is vacuum the carpet. Wait until the carpet is completely dry and then vacuum the carpet slowly and carefully. Go in multiple directions so that you brush all sides of the fiber. Many low residual cleaners will easily release from the fiber and your carpet will be left soft again.

Solution 2:

If vacuuming the carpet does not restore the softness, you will need to rinse the carpet again. If you cleaned it yourself, rinse the carpet with your carpet cleaner and plain water. If you had a professional cleaner clean your carpet, you will need to call them and ask them to return. Tell them that you have repeatedly vacuumed your carpet and it is still stiff. Most reputable companies will return to redo the work.

Solution 3:

If all else fails and a single vacuuming does nothing or you can not have it rinsed, your last choice is to wait it out. Chances are that with continued foot traffic and vacuuming, the residue remaining will slowly disappear.

Hopefully, one of the methods above will eliminate your issue with crunchy carpet. If not, be sure to choose a different method of cleaning next time or simply choose a different cleaning company.

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