Beware of the Bait & Switch

The vast majority of companies in the carpet cleaning industry are honest and hard working. There are, however, many unscrupulous companies who’s main goal is to steal every penny that they can from you. They use trickery and deceit to quite honestly scam you out of money. Don’t be scared though because these companies are quite easy to spot if you know what to look for. Here are some warning signs that you might be dealing with a bait and switch company.

Sign #1: They offer a super low per room price.
The bait and switch company almost always offers a very low per room or entire house price. It is usually in the range of $10 or less per room or a whole house for less than $100. No legitimate company can clean for this price and stay in business. In order to make money, they must up-sell you tremendously. You might say to yourself that you will not be up-sold. Well, if you do not buy  any extras, they are not making any money. They will either refuse to do the job or do a horrible and rushed cleaning.

Sign #2: They have optional charges in fine print.
If there are charges in fine print that some carpets may require, your carpet will be one of those carpets. Common charges include those for heavy soiling, optical brighteners, dual process cleaning, etc. They can sometimes get creative with the names.A carpet cleaning should include what is needed to get it clean and there should never be extra charges for getting a carpet even cleaner. Clean is clean.

Sign #3: They answer the phone “carpet cleaning”.
These bait and switch companies change their names so many times that even they can’t remember what they are currently operating under. They will usually just answer the phone with the generic “carpet cleaning” so that they do not get in trouble. Their cleaning van will likewise just have a generic “carpet cleaning” letter job.

These are the three most common ways to spot a bait and switch company. The truly sneaky ones might still somehow slip through on occasion though. If you do find yourself face to face with one of these companies, do not be afraid to ask them to leave your home. And, if they have not done any work, you do not owe them a penny. If they try to collect, a threat to call the police will usually send them running out the door.

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