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Apartment Carpet Cleaning Columbus, OH

Finding a carpet cleaner that is any good in Columbus can be difficult. Like in most cities, nearly half of the carpet cleaners out there are just looking to take your money and run. If you live in an apartment

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Nighttime Carpet Cleaning

Nighttime carpet cleaning is sometimes a necessity for certain situations. It is mainly used for commercial carpet cleaning. Residential nighttime carpet cleaning is frowned upon because the noise involved can be a disturbance to neighbors. For commercial applications however, this

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Oxygen Carpet Cleaning Chandler AZ

Back To Carpet Cleaning Chandler AZ Have you heard about oxygen carpet cleaning? If so, you might be wondering about how this process works and what the benefits are. Well, keep reading and learn a little more about this method

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Carpet Cleaners Open on Saturday

During the week, we are becoming increasingly busy. We have commitments at work, with our children and with our spouses. It can be hard to find time for carpet cleaning during the week. This is true even for the stay

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Beware of the Bait & Switch

The vast majority of companies in the carpet cleaning industry are honest and hard working. There are, however, many unscrupulous companies who’s main goal is to steal every penny that they can from you. They use trickery and deceit to

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