No Residue Carpet Cleaning, Las Vegas

Carpet cleaning is one of those necessary things that you have to do for your home but it can also be a real pain. Because of this, you need to make the most of the hassle and choose the right method the first time. These days, the best way to clean your carpet is with a method that leaves zero soil attracting residue. Zero residue methods have many benefits. Here are just a few.

  • Carpet stays clean longer.
    Without all of the sticky residue, your carpet will stay clean much longer. Why go through all of the hassle of carpet cleaning only for it to get dirty in a matter of months. With a good residue free carpet cleaning, your carpet could stay cleaner for a year or more.
  • Less wear on your carpet.
    Dirt is abrasive so the less soil you have on your carpet, the longer it will last. Zero or no residue cleaning will help keep abrasive soil from sticking to your carpet.
  • No residue cleaners are safer.
    Without all of the dangerous detergents and soaps, your carpet will be healthier. This is especially important with todays well sealed homes. What goes in, stays in.
  • Carpet feels softer.
    Without a sticky and often crunchy residue, your carpet will feel softer and much more comfortable.

Convinced, good. Now you just need to find a company in Las Vegas that offers this service. It should not be too hard to do because zero residue style carpet cleaning is quickly becoming the norm. Make a few calls and ask your potential carpet cleaners some questions. Ask what method they use, if they use soap or detergent and what is included in the price. You want a carpet cleaner that does steam cleaning, uses no soap and that includes everything needed for a basic cleaning in the price. At the minimum this should be pre-treatment and basic spot cleaning. The better companies will also include vacuuming and light furniture moving in their price.

Be sure you thoroughly research any company that you intend to hire. This means searching for their name and phone number on the internet to look for bad reviews, to make sure they are not operating under multiple names and to make sure they are not new to the business. It may take more time to do this, but it is the only way to find a good Las Vegas company that leaves zero residue behind.

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