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carpet cleaning jobsFinding a qualified carpet cleaning service is critical in the success of your cleaning job. There are hundreds of carpet cleaners in every city waiting to take your money, but few that are worth hiring. This website will give you the edge in choosing qualified cleaners by giving you what you need, knowledge. You will find information on the types of companies operating in your city. Information that will help you make an informed choice.

To begin, read the basic information on this page. It will give you a good foundation on carpet care. Next, choose your city and get more detailed information that will be relevant to you. Good luck to you, you have taken the first step towards a successful cleaning job.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

First, let’s look at the different types of carpet cleaning methods available to you.
Hot Water Extraction: You might know this method better as steam cleaning. In this method, your cleaner will apply a pre-treatment or pre-spray onto your carpet and allow it to dwell. The dwell time will give the solution time to break down and absorb soil. They will then extract the solution with a cleaning tool that sprays heated water onto the floor and then immediately vacuums it out. This method is the most common one used today and is the method endorsed by most carpet manufacturers.
Bonnet Cleaning: In this method, your cleaner will also spray down a pre-treatment or pre-spray and allow it to dwell. The difference is that instead of extracting the solution with hot water, they will use an absorbent bonnet. The bonnet will be made of cotton or a synthetic fiber. They will spin the bonnet on a rotary floor machine. This method will leave your carpet dry in about one hour in most cases.
Dry Powder: With this process, the cleaner will apply a semi moist powder to your carpet. They will then agitate the powder with a machine that uses counter rotating nylon brushes. The theory is that the powder acts like thousands of little tiny sponges, scrubbing your carpet clean. The most common name with this method is Host.
Shampoo: This method has been around for years in various forms. It is also referred to as encapsulation. In this process, the cleaner will spray a solution onto your carpet and then agitate it with either a rotary or cylindrical brush machine. The solution will break down and absorb the soil. The cleaner then leaves the solution on the carpet to dry and crystallize, trapping the soil. In most cases, the cleaner will not extract the crystallized solution but will leave it to be removed with the next normal vacuuming.
Foam Cleaning: This method is similar to shampoo cleaning except that it uses a cleaner that is highly foaming. The machine employed will whip the cleaner into a foam which is then applied to the carpet and then extracted. It leaves minimal moisture on the carpet and will leave the carpet dry in minutes in most cases.

Choosing A Cleaning Company

When it comes time to choose a company to clean their carpet, most people have no idea where to begin. This leads to many choosing a cleaner based solely on price. This is a huge mistake that seldom turns out well. The cheapest cleaner is very rarely the best or even adequate. Here are a few things that you should look for when choosing a company to clean your carpet. The following tips are brought to you by Prodigy Clean. Serving the greater Rockwall, TX area since 2001. Enjoy.
Method: There are many different methods being employed today. Some are definitely better than others. You should familiarize yourself with the different types of methods out there and choose the one that makes sense to you. If you can not decide, call the manufacturer of your carpet and ask what method they suggest.
Pricing: Okay, you should not choose a company based solely on pricing, but it should be a consideration. The main thing here is to find a company that charges a reasonable price with no hidden fees. Make sure that they clearly state that their price includes everything needed for a carpet cleaning. If there are possible charges, they will charge those to you, so do not fall for the deception.
Reputation: We live in a world of information and if a company has a bad reputation, it is hard for them to hide it. Simply do a search for their company name or check with the BBB to see if they are legitimate and honest. I am in no way saying however that they need to be a part of the BBB. The BBB charges companies to be members and is actually a money making organization, it is not a non profit. Many honest companies choose not to join them, but the BBB will still keep track of complaints. Avoid companies with no information. They are either brand new or change their name often to avoid bad press.
Guarantee: Any good company will guarantee the quality of their work for at least a week, although the standard is 10 days. Make sure that the company that you hire has some sort of written guarantee stating that they will return to your home if you are not happy with the cleaning.
Go With Your Gut: Give the company a call and ask them some questions. If you are not comfortable with them, move on to another company. You need to feel at ease with the service that you hire.

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