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We all want our dollar to go as far as possible and when looking for a carpet cleaner, I am sure it is tempting to choose the cheapest carpet cleaner in San Jose.Cheap carpet cleaning is rarely a good deal however. Instead, you should seek out an honest and fairly priced cleaner and here is why.

Poor Quality

Poor quality is a trademark of the San Jose discount carpet cleaning company. If they honor the low price, which is rare, they will do very poor quality work. You just can not afford to use quality chemicals and buy quality equipment at low prices. They can also not afford to spend any real amount of time on the carpet at these prices so if, when they are done, you end up with a carpet that is not damaged you should feel lucky.

No Dependability

Cheap companies are also not very reliable. They tend to over book to make up for jobs that they might get thrown out of for price gouging (more on this later). So, if they run out of time to get to your job, you are out of luck. No shows are very common with cheap San Jose companies and they usually come with no courtesy call.

They Are Not Really Cheap

This sounds impossible but the cheapest carpet cleaner is often one of the priciest. This is because they do not intend to charge the low price that is on the coupon. Once they arrive at your home, they will charge extra for all of the little things that should be included in the price of a carpet cleaning. Things like spot cleaning and pre-spray will be an additional charge when they should be included. By the time they add up all of the additional charges, the price will far exceed the coupon price and will typically be more than other carpet cleaners with up front pricing.

How Do You Avoid Cheap San Jose Carpet Cleaners

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is in the carpet cleaning industry. Find a carpet cleaner that charges a reasonable price and make sure that they spell out what is included for that price. There should never be an additional charge for basic spot cleaning, pre spray or for heavily soiled areas.  Also, room sizes should be reasonable and limited to no less than 200 square feet.

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