Apartment Carpet Cleaning Denver

Finding a good carpet cleaner in Denver can be tough. If you are living in a condo or an apartment, it can be even tougher. Sure, there are lots of carpet cleaners to choose from but at least half of those are bad. They either do bad work or are looking to con you. If those left, not all of them will clean condos or apartments. This makes your job of finding a cleaning company rather hard. Still, it has to get done so here is what you need to do.

First, lets figure out what method to use. Hot water extraction with a truck mounted system is the best method. If you live on the third floor or below and you are within 100 feet of a parking spot, use this method. It cleans the best and leaves your carpet fairly dry. If you can not use this method, your choices are dry cleaning or portable hot water extraction. Use portable hot water extraction if you have heavy soil and use dry cleaning if you have light soil and need your carpet dry in under an hour.


Now that you have your method, you need to choose some Denver carpet cleaners. Make a list of at least three cleaners that use the method that you choose. Search for their name and eliminate those with many bad reviews. Also eliminate those with no information. You do not want a new cleaner or one that changes their name often.

Next, call the cleaners left on  your list and ask if they serve apartments, what their pricing is, what is included in that price, who does the work and ask them to generally explain their method. Go with the carpet cleaner who gives you the best feeling.

On the day of the cleaning, be sure to have small items moved out of the way. Be prepared to keep pets and children out of the way. If choosing truck mounted steam cleaning, it would be a good idea to park your vehicle in a close spot so that you can save it for your carpet cleaner.

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