Apartment Carpet Cleaning Columbus, OH

Finding a carpet cleaner that is any good in Columbus can be difficult. Like in most cities, nearly half of the carpet cleaners out there are just looking to take your money and run. If you live in an apartment or a condo, your task of finding a good carpet cleaner is even harder. Fewer carpet cleaning services serve apartments and not all cleaning methods are available. Still, it needs to get done so here is how you can find a good carpet cleaning service in Columbus.

First, you should know that the best method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. The best equipment for this method is truck mounted machinery. This is because they have more powerful vacuums, pressure systems and make much more heat. The problem with these systems is that they have to run hoses from their truck to your unit. In most cases, this means that your unit must be within 100 to 150 feet of a parking spot and you should not be higher then three storiesĀ up. Anything higher or farther and things get difficult. If you meet these requirements, you should insist on getting your carpet cleaned with truck mounted steam cleaning.

If you are outside the reach of a truck mounted system, your next best bet is a portable hot water extraction system. These systems will get the job done but they do not remove as much soil as truck mounted machines. They will also leave your carpet wetter so you should expect dry times approaching 24 hours with one of these machines.

If you absolutely can not handle the long dry times of a portable system and your carpet is lightly soiled, you can consider a dry cleaning method. There are a number of different dry cleaning systems on the market. Some will spin bonnets to absorb soil, some will use a semi-moist powder and others will use chemicals designed to absorb soil and then dry to a crystal. Most of these cleaning systems will get your carpe dry in about an hour but they will not handle heavy soil loads as well as a wet system. If you have heavy pet stains, you should deal with the dry times and go with a wet cleaning system.

Once you have determined a cleaning method, your next task is to do your research on them. Pick the top three names in your area that offer the system and research their name. If they have complaints, they should not be hard to find. Likewise, if they have been in business for any length of time and have made people happy, you should see good reviews. If you find a complete absence of information on a company, it may be wise to avoid them.

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